[JWA Story]'s The Civilians: The Forest

Gallimimus: While we wait for Darwezopteryx to retur-Did you just hear a scream? Eremoceros, Bajanotodon, Charlie, come with me please.
Erlikogamma: Can I come too? Please???
Gallimimus: Fine! But no one else!
Deinonychus: scoffs and rolls eyes
Gallimimus: Oh, and Deinonychus, 2 weeks of detention
Deinonychus: Aw Come On!
A Smilocephalosaurus is struggling to stuff Darwezopteryx into a van
Darwezopteryx: Ah!!!
Smilocephalosaurus: Uh-oh! runs
Charlie: whizzes off after him
Deep in the forest
Charlie: You’re too soft to be a bad guy…
Smilocephalosaurus: Agh! You caught me! I’m not a real bad guy.
Charlie: Then why were you stuffing Darwez in a van?
Smilocephalosaurus: I was hired by the Raja
Charlie: The who-what-now?
Smilocephalosaurus: King Rajakylosaurus!. If he didn’t torture me, I could have lived up to my dad’s name.
Charlie: And that would be…
Smilocephalosaurus: Smilonemys
Charlie: THE Smilonemys?
Smilocephalosaurus: Yep, now run along, child!
Charlie: Nope! I’m gonna stop Rajakylosaurus
Smilocephalosaurus: Ok, but seroiusly go away!
Charlie: Fine, Fine
Runs back
Eremoceros: We were worried sick!
Erlikogamma: Are you OK?
Charlie: Yes, Oh and BTW, you, me, and the gang have something to talk about tommorow afternoon.


next episode tomorrow

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