JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 10: Lumbersded Mountain

Everyone has reached the top of Lumbersded Mountain, and see Lord Lythronax

Purutaurus: There he is Jumps at Lord Lythronax

Lord Lythronax: Swipes Purutaurus with his tail

Acrocanthops: Jumps at Lord Lythronax

Diplovenator: Jumps at Lord Lythronax

Skoonasaurus: Jumps at Lord Lythronax

Dilophoboa: Jumps at Lord Lythronax

Lord Lythronax: Knocks all of them down Now it’s time to finish this

Velosrhacos, Darwezopteryx, and Head Smilocephalosaurus return, as well as four new visitors, Koolabourgiana, Megalosuchus, Postimetrodon, and Tryostronix

Lord Lythronax: Show these trespassers who’s the king

Velosrhacos: Yes Sir!

Darwezopteryx: Yes Sir!

Head Smilocephalosaurus: Yes Sir!

Koolabourgiana: Yes Sir!

Megalosuchus: Yes Sir!

Postimetrodon: Yes Sir!

Tryostronix: Yes Sir!

Both side battle eachother as Lord Lythronax watches

Velosrhacos: Let’s see if you remember this Tries to kick Purutaurus again

Purutaurus: Bites Velosrhacos in the leg, and throws him off the top of the mountain

Diplovenator: Bites Megalosuchus in the head

Acrocanthops: Wrestles with Postimetrodon

Skoonasaurus: Knocks Koolabourgiana to ground and stomps on her in the head, killing her

Dilophoboa: Coils himself around Tryostronix

Lord Lythronax: Do I seriously have to do everything myself?! Gets ready to blast them with the weapon, but Gorgosuchus, Acrocanthops’s friend, jumps on Lord Lythronax’s head

Acrocanthops: Gorgosuchus?!

Gorgosuchus: Hello, Acrocanthops

Acrocanthops: What are you doing?!

Gorgosuchus: What I must do. Jumps at the Head Smilocephalosaurus and a lever

Acrocanthops: Wait! Gorgosuchus, no!

Gorgosuchus flips the lever, and tackles the Head Smilocephalosaurus, and they are both sent falling

Acrocanthops: Noooo!!

Boulders start crashing apart

Darwezopteryx sees Velosrhacos, who has fallen unconscious, and carries him away

The boulders crash down on both Lord Lythronax, Megalosuchus, Postimetrodon, and Tryostronix both get knocked down by the boulders, and are sent flying off the Mountain, just like what happened to Lord Lythronax’s Father, and it destroys the weapon

Purutaurus: We did it!!

Everyone: Yeeeeaaaah!!

At the bottom of the Mountain, Lord Lythronax emerges from the boulders, and sees that Megalosuchus, Postimetrodon, and Tryostronix halve all died. But sees Darwezopteryx carrying Velosrhacos and Darwezopteryx reminds that it’s time, and sees Ceramagnus on another mountain and walks over to it

Dilophoboa: Wait guys! It’s not over!

Everyone sees Lord Lythronax heading Ceramagnus’s way

Purutaurus: Don’t worry. There us still time!

Everyone: Yeah!

They all go to try to save Ceramagnus

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velosorachos is a villain in your story too, lol. they did a lot of jumping tho, did lux die or is he just hiding


None of them, he was just mentioned.

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Idk about his version, but hadros lux is hiding, steal healing from his wounds from mortem Rex.

I have completed Part 11: JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 11: Saving Ceramagnus

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Necro post