JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 11: Saving Ceramagnus

Ceramagnus watches over Lumbersded Town. Just making making sure it is okay

Velosrhacos and Darwezopteryx show up, and corner him

Ceramagnus gets ready to fight them, but stops when he sees Lord Lythronax show up

Ceramagnus: What is it Lord Lythronax?

Lord Lythronax: Everything. It’s over. One of the Apex Dinosaurs has fallen. Referring to his father, Mortem Rex And now, It’s your turn. Bow to my feet at once.

Purutaurus: There they are.

Skoonasaurus: Does anyone have an idea?

Diplovenator: Acrocanthops?

Acrocanthops: Not this time.

Dilophoboa: We have to think of something.

Purrolyth: But what?

Purutaurus: Wait.

Everyone turns to Purutaurus

Purutaurus: I’ve got one.

Lord Lythronax: I won’t tell you again, old Ceratopsian. Bow to my feet.

Ceramagnus: the wind can’t make the Mountain bow, no matter what.

Lord Lythronax: Then you’ll leave. In pieces!!

Lord Lythronax prepares to kill Ceramagnus, but Dilophoboa jumps onto his head

Velosrhacos and Darwezopteryx attack

Sarcorixis and Grykeleken start fighting off the Smilocephalosaurus

Purutaurus: Sarcorixis and Grykeleken!

Grykeleken: Correct

Sarcorixis: We were inspired by a friend of yours

Indominus Rex: Enilates all of the Smilocephalosaurus

Purutaurus: Indominus Rex!

Indominus Rex: It’s time to finish this!

Darwezopteryx gets ready to Purrolyth

Purrolyth: Screams and punches Darwezopteryx in the face, knocking him out

Purrolyth: Suprised to see what she did

Purutaurus: Nice work, Purrolyth. Keep it up. Runs to Lord Lythronax

Velosrhacos blocks Purutaurus’s path

The two lunge at each other

Dilophoboa sees them and spits venom, hoping he can hit Velosrhacos this time

Fortunately, it hits Velosrhacos in the beak, and Velosrhacos sniffs up some of the venom into his beak and pauses to try to get it out

Darwezopteryx wakes up after being knocked out

Purutaurus then slashes directly at Velosrhacos’s face, the only thing that you can see is Velosrhacos’s legs, as he collapses to the ground, meaning that Velosrhacos is now dead

After seeing this, Darwezopteryx accepts defeat, and flys of to turn himself in

Purutaurus: Turns to Ceramagnus Ceramagnus, they will lead you to safety!

Ceramagnus runs away, with Purrolyth, Indominus Rex, Grykeleken, Sarcorixis, Acrocanthops, Diplovenator, and Skoonasaurus

Dilophoboa then lets go of Lord Lythronax’s head, and Lord Lythronax sees Ceramagnus, and everyone else climb down the Mountain and they have already reached the bottom

Lord Lythronax: No… Nooooooooooooo!!

Lord Lythronax then turns on Dilophoboa, and slams his foot on him

Lord Lythronax: You took away my victory!!

Purutaurus: Jumps in front of Lord Lythronax No! I did!

Lord Lythronax: It’s the Purutaurus again

Lord Lythronax then turns on Purutaurus, and a chase comes in

And Purrolyth goes back up the Mountain

It’s time, for the final battle

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Lord lyth stepped on a snake
and the snake…did Not get a power surge and immediatly bite lyth

Man, I love the mulan refrences!

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I have finished part 12:

Just one more part to go