JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 12: Purutaurus vs. Lord Lythronax

The chase continues

Purutaurus: Jumps on Lord Lythronax’s head and scratches him in the face

Lord Lythronax: Shakes Purutaurus off, and continues chasing him

The all come across the edge of the Mountain which is over a lake with an abandoned

Lord Lythronax: It’s over Purutaurus. You’re the last of the Purrussaurus line.

Purutaurus: You were wrong the whole time

Lord Lythronax: What? Sees Purrolyth Impossible

Purutaurus: It’s pretty possible Swipes Lord Lythronax in the face, and knocks him down, and then jump over Lord Lythronax and grabs a slab of metal he had with him the whole time, and take Light from the sun, and as Lord Lythronax gets up, Purutaurus shines the light at Lord Lythronax in the eyes, blinding him

Lord Lythronax: Screams

Purutaurus: Tie to finish this!

Purutaurus kicks Lord Lythronax and Lord Lythronax loses his footing and falls off edge

Lord Lythronax: Screams

Lord Lythronax crashes onto the abandoned ship

Purrolyth: Purutaurus!

Purutaurus: Looks at Purrolyth

Purrolyth throws the only thing that remains from the weapon which was the last missle to Purutaurus

Purutaurus jumps and throws the missle below him

Lord Lythronax sees the missle firing towards him. The missles lands directly on the ship, and the ship blows up, and Lord Lythronax dies in the explosion

Everyone else sees the Lord Lythronax died in the explosion

Sarcorixis: Does anyone remember me saying everything of Jurassic World being dead? Because if you do, I take it all back.

Grykeleken: You said it.

Purutaurus: Yep, he Sure did indeed.

Everyone sees Purutaurus, Purrolyth, and Dilophoboa

Everyone: Purutaurus! Everyone gathers around Purutaurus

Purutaurus: Good job Purrolyth, for helping us out

Purrolyth: But it was you who saved the world.

Purutaurus: I know.

Purutaurus and Purrolyth kiss eachother

Dilophoboa: Knew it.

Indominus Rex: Well done Purutaurus. Because of you, Jurassic World is now safe. And also, you’ll be the new general of the Elite Rhino Force.

Purutaurus: But it was a good thing we had all of you to help me save Jurassic World.

Ceramagnus: Thank you, Purutaurus, for your bravery and honor. Well, it’s time for me to go now, Heads to Lumbersded Mountain

Sarcorixis: Oh, and, If you want to know where Darwezopteryx is, he already turned himself in.

Purutaurus: Well, Let’s all go home.

Everyone: Lead the way.