JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 13: Happy Ending

Back at the city

Pyroraptor: Wait. Darwezopteryx turned himself in

Monolorhino: Yeah. He said that he admits defeat, and said that there is no point in fighting a battle that he knows he will lose

Darwezopteryx gets thrown in a jail cell with Majundaboa

Majundaboa: What happened to Lord Lythronax?

Darwezopteryx: He died in a ship explosion.

Majundaboa: He did.

Darwezopteryx: Which means the chaos is finally over.

In court

Indominus Rex: Attention to all members of the Elite Rhino Force. After everything he has done for saving Jurassic World once more, you have your new general, Purutaurus!

Purutaurus: Dilophoboa. Would you mind being the captain?

Dilophoboa: Not at all.

Eremoceros: This is the best moment of my life.

Indominus Rex: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages, let’s celebrate!

Everyone: Yeeeeaaaah!

End Credits:

  • Purutaurus
  • Purrolyth
  • Eremoceros
  • Skoonasaurus
  • Ceramagnus
  • Acrocanthops
  • Dilophoboa
  • Diplovenator
  • Gorgosuchus
  • Grykeleken
  • Sarcorixis
  • Brontolasmus
  • Indominus Rex
  • Monolorhino
  • Indoraptor (Mentioned)
  • Hadros Lux (Mentioned)
  • Lord Lythronax
  • Velosrhacos
  • Koolabourgiana
  • Megalosuchus
  • Postimetrodon
  • Tryostronix
  • Darwezopteryx
  • Keratoporcus
  • Majundaboa
  • Head Smilocephalosaurus
  • Smilocephalosaurus Army
  • Mortem Rex (Mentioned)
  • Dracoceratops (Mentioned)
  • Procerathomimus (Mentioned)
  • Spinoconstrictor (Mentioned)

But puru isnt a rhino…

But he’s becoming the new general, since their original, Brontolasmus died. And Grykeleken and Sarcorixis were two of the captains. And Dilophoboa will become one of the new captains

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And also, I did part 12 if you want to say anything to it

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