JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 2: A New Life

Back in the place where everyone celebrates the downfall of Dracoceratops. Purutaurus started spreading the story to everyone

Purutaurus: Indoraptor knocks Dracoceratops onto another tower. And that other tower collapses and Dracoceratops falls into the flames below. With the world safe, Everyone can now live in peace. The End.

Young Dinosaurs: Clapping Yeah!

Gallimimus Teacher: Thank you Purutaurus.

Purutaurus: You’re Welcome

Gallimimus Teacher: All right, class. That’s it for school

Purutaurus: Leaves the school, and goes to the top of a mountain and gazes upon the sky

???: Hello

Purutaurus: Turns around Who are you?

Purrolyth: I’m Purrolyth. I saw the story you told to those adorable kids.

Purutaurus: I wanted to spread stories for a change.

Purrolyth: Why?

Purutaurus: Because it sounds like a good thing.

Purrolyth: Why?

Purutaurus: I wamted to make others happy

Purrolyth: … Why?

Purutaurus: Growls So other Dinosaurs will love me

Purrolyth: But there’s lots of other Dinosaurs who love you

Purutaurus: Really? Like who?

Then both eachother cheeks turn red

Acrocanthops: Purutaurus!

Purutaurus: Acrocanthops. You came all of the way from outer homeland to here.

Acrocanthops: Yes. Because there are Smilocephalosaurus. There stealing all of the wood from the villages’ Lumber Mills.

Purutaurus: Then Let’s get moving

Purutaurus and Acrocanthops start heading down the Mountain

Then Purrolyth gets impressed by Purutaurus’s brave act

Out of nowhere, a Keratoporcus comes from behind Purrolyth, and attempts to impale her, but she is saved by a Dilophoboa, who spits at Keratoporcus, bites him in the head, and constricts him, and kills him off screen

Purrolyth thought that Dilophoboa was the one who tried to murder her, then Dilophoboa slivers off


I’m enjoying this spinoff


Thank you :slight_smile:

I also completed Part 4 and Part 5 if you want to take a look at them