JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 3: Village under Attacked

The Smilocephalosaurus, led by Velosrhacos, Majundaboa, and Darwezopteryx raid a village to try to steal wood from the Lumber Mill

Volosrhacos: Get all of the wood the Lumber Mill has

The Smilocephalosaurus start stealing the wood

Smilocephalosaurus Troop: Grab the wood

Then out of nowhere, Purutaurus, Acrocanthops, Diplovenator, and Skoonasaurus head into the town to stop the Smilocephalosaurus

During the fight, a young Parasaurolophus runs with his wooden toy horse and hides. Then Majundaboa shows up, and she attempts to murder him, but he saved by Dilophoboa, who grabs Majundaboa, and throws her away from the young Parasaurolophus. Dilophoboa then slivers away

Majundaboa lands write in front of Monolorhino, who then arrests her

Purutaurus goes face to face with Velosrhacos

Dilophoboa tries to spit venom at Velosrhacos,
but misses

Then when Purutaurus went to see who did that, Velosrhacos kicks him in the face

Dilophoboa then feels guilty of what he did, and slithers off

Velosrhacos: Everyone let’s go.

Some of the wood gets saved but the rest is taken by the Smilocephalosaurus

Purutaurus: What are we supposed to do now?

Monolorhino: Put this creep on trial for questions

Purutaurus then sees Monolorhino who has Majundaboa tied up

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Majundaboa is so in trouble…

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Yeah. She tried to murder a child. It was a good thing Dilophoboa arrived

Wrong right. Story is fun though.