JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 4: Trial

Indominus Rex: Slams his mallet on the table This Murderous Snake will now be locked up for attempting murder on a child.

Everyone on court: Yeah! Lock her up! Lock her up!

Majundaboa: This is over yet

Purutaurus: Indominus Rex, can we have a talk.

Indominus Rex: Sure. What is it

Purutaurus: Purrolyth thought a Dilophoboa, was about to murder her, but she admitted that she was overreacting and realized that he was actually protecting her from a Keratoporcus. As a matter infact, the Dilophoboa also saved the young Parasaurolophus from Majundaboa. Keratoporcus, Velosrhacos, Majundaboa, and Darwezopteryx were all sent by a cruel ruler.

Indominus Rex: Hmm. Who is this cruel ruler?

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you said Majundaboa twice

In two different sentences