JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 5: Lord Lythronax Returns

Back in the town where the Apex Predators used to live in the Mountain nearby. In the Mountain, Grykeleken and Sarcorixis have a training battle. And their teacher, Brontolasmus watches. The elder Eremoceros was there too. As she continues looking into the future

But then, Lord Lythronax starts heading up the Mountain. 10 Deinonychus guards attack Lord Lythronax, but Lord Lythronax knocks all of them off the mountain

Lord Lythronax reaches the top

Brontolasmus pauses his students’ training and they all see Lord Lythronax walking to them

Brontolasmus: Lord Lythronax

Lord Lythronax: Good Morning, Gentlemen. Now that the Apex Dinosaurs are finally off. Please leave my house.

Sarcorixis: Your house?

Lord Lythronax: Well yes. Don’t you see the Lythronax statue behind you. Sees Eremoceros Eremoceros, it’s been a long time. It seems that your future vision is not as good as you thought.

Eremoceros: We shall see, Lord Lythronax

Lord Lythronax: And we shall see a sloth with antlers. Anyways

Brontolasmus: What do you want Lord Lythronax

Lord Lythronax: What you’re protecting right now. Lumbersded Town!

Brontolasmus: Lumbersded is under the protection of the Elite Rhino Force. And we will protect it from anyone. Even you

Lord Lythronax: Well it is a good thing you are. However, I did want to get in a show and tell

The Smilocephalosaurus start bringing in a huge box

Sarcorixis: What’s in the box, Lord Lythronax?

Lord Lythronax: Well you’ll see. It’s a gift. It’s your replacement gift. Replacing you, replacing you, as well as replacing your forces. With someone who would make, a better king!!

Grykeleken: You Psychopathic Fool!

Grykeleken jumps at Lord Lythronax, but Lord Lythronax smacks him away. Sarcorixis also jumps at him, but gets knocked away too

Lord Lythronax faces off against Brontolasmus

Brontolasmus then Knocks Lord Lythronax back with a huge amount of force

Lord Lythronax: Show off

Brontolasmus: That was a reminder. That you are no match for my strength

Lord Lythronax: I agree… but this thing is.

Lord Lythronax opens the huge box which had a war tank inside the whole time

Brontolasmus goes face to face with the tank, and Lord Lythronax tests the Weapon, and a missile fires directly at Brontolasmus, and everything fades to white

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Am I the only one getting Octo Expansion vibes?

Regardless this is pretty good


Eyyy grylenken is alive! :smiley:

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