JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 6: A New Adventure

At the city

Monolorhino: Lord Lythronax. He was known as the Unique Tyrant. He created hybrids, and was the son of Mortem Rex

Indominus Rex: So Mortem Rex was his father

Monolorhino: Yes. After Lord Lythronax attacked a village with Purrussaurus hybrids, Mortem Rex banished him. And Lord Lythronax turned Mortem Rex evil. And now has a Weapon by his side to attack several towns.

Purutaurus: He attacked a village with Purrussaurus hybrids.

Indominus Rex: Yes. And that is not good. And if he attacks any more cities including ours, this might be the end for Jurassic World.

Purutaurus: But we just saved Jurassic World

Indominus Rex: And now, you must save it again. Go! Destroy this weapon, and bring Lord Lythronax to justice.

Purutaurus: All right team.

Skoonasaurus: Ready when you are.

Purutaurus: Let’s go!

Acrocanthops, Diplovenator, and Skoonasaurus:
Lead the way!

They all start a new journey to Lumbersded Town

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I love how purutaurus is the new protagonist. They definitely deserve it, considering they helped indoraptor, the old protagonist with a disguise. So indoraptor predicted the future disguising as purutaurus!

Also don’t forget how purutaurus risked getting executed by dracoceratops. He’s a brave guy.

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