JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 7: Lord Lythronax’s Future (Remake)

At Lumbersded Mountain, Lord Lythronax sees the statues of Mortem Rex, Hadros Lux, and Ceramagnus

Lord Lythronax: Looks at Mortem Rex’s statue Hello father. So it seems like it’s over for you. I mean Hadros Lux did kill you, right. Which means there is no need for you, him, and Ceramagnus.

Lord Lythronax’s two Nodopatotitan guards throw the statues of Mortem Rex, Hadros Lux, and Ceramagnus off the Mountain, and replace them with his weapon

The Two Nodopatotitan guards place the weapon down

Lord Lythronax: Over to the left please

Nodopatotitan Guard: But it’s so heavy, sir

Lord Lythronax: Do you think I care? You do realize you want to make me proud, right. And one of the ways to do that is make it perfect. On how I want it. A little to the left

The Nodopatotitan Guards move the weapon towards the left

Lord Lythronax: Turns around With the weapon by me side… uhh, a little bit more

The Nodopatotitan Guards begin to move it again but one of them drop it and accident

Lord Lythronax: With the weapon by me side…

The Nodopatotitan Guards move it over

Lord Lythronax: Did you forget to move it again

Nodopatotitan Guard: I dropped it by accident, then we moved it

Lord Lythronax: Okay… Well, thank you for making sure. With the weapon by my side, all of Jurassic World will bow below my feet. We alert the world in the morning and attack our first town at dusk. Turns do Eremoceros So Eremoceros, have you continued looking into
my -

Eremoceros: Past?

Lord Lythronax: … Future. I was going to say Future

Eremoceros: Alright. If you walk three feet close to me, you will find yourself… at the bottom of the stairs.

Lord Lythronax: What? Sees that he’s at the bottom of the stairs

Eremoceros: And in you, I see…

Lord Lythronax: Walks closer

Eremoceros: … I see …

Lord Lythronax: Walks closer, and stops

Eremoceros: … I see, pain. Pulls off a tooth from Lord Lythronax

Lord Lythronax: Oww!!

Eremoceros: And Frustration. Bites a piece of Lord Lythronax’s robe off

Lord Lythronax: This robe caused $550 to make!!

Eremoceros: There was a reason I did that

Lord Lythronax: What? Are you trying to make me lose?!

Eremoceros: No.

Lord Lythronax: Then what?

Eremoceros: It’s to explain on what will happen to you

Lord Lythronax: sees the tooth and part of his robe together

Eremoceros: If you really want to see your future Throws dust which creates a cloud that can form into things

Lord Lythronax: Then what do you see?

Eremoceros: The Lythronax… will be defeated by a warrior that is a Purrussaurus hybrid. And the world will be safe once again

Lord Lythronax: Blows the cloud away and laughs That’s impossible. And you know it

Eremoceros: It’s actually pretty possible, and he knows it

Lord Lythronax: Who?

Velosrhacos: Lord Lythronax!

Lord Lythronax: Sees Velosrhacos running

Velosrhacos: I saw a Purutaurus!

Lord Lythronax: A Purutaurus?! Throws Velosrhacos to the ground

Velosrhacos: Yes, a Purutaurus. And because of him. Majundaboa got arrested, so we had to abandon her.

Dilophoboa watches them from above

Lord Lythronax: There aren’t anymore Purutaurus. I thought we killed all of them

Eremoceros: Well since he was there, he can see the truth. And why can’t you

Lord Lythronax: Find this Purutaurus, and bring him to me! Let’s go of Velosrhacos

Velosrhacos: Yes sir! Runs off

Lord Lythronax: Hah! One Purutaurus. Really. Are you sure you’re right now?

Eremoceros: Yes. Because being right… makes me right.

Lord Lythronax: Then I’ll kill him and make you wrong.

Eremoceros: Bites at Lord Lythronax’s robe again

Lord Lythronax: Yanks his robe away Will you stop that?!

Dilophoboa slithers off to warn Purutaurus

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why did u remake it?

I got rid of the robe thing since you clearly have a problem with it.

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I didn’t. I just left it how it is. And added a remake page

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