JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 8: Lumbersded Town

Purutaurus, Acrocanthops, Diplovenator, and Skoonasaurus have made it to Lumbersded Town

Purrolyth appears

Purutaurus: Purrolyth? What are you doing here?

Purrolyth: I wanted to help you save the world

Purutaurus: Okay. But you have to be very quiet

Purrolyth: Yes sir

Everyone gets to the top of a building and they see Lumbersded Mountain in the distance

Purutaurus: Okay team. Let’s take this Tyrant down Starts running

Diplovenator: Tackles Purutaurus in the head Dude, what are you doing? This place is infested with Smilocephalosaurus.

Everyone sees Smilocephalosaurus all around Lumbersded Town, and compare to how far Lumbersded Mountain is

Skoonasaurus: Hey, is that the guy who kicked you in the face?

Purutaurus: Sees Velosrhacos I hate that guy

Acrocanthops: We have to get to Lumbersded Mountain with out being seen by those Smilocephalosaurus.

Purutaurus: Right

Everyone starts hiding in the shadows

Purutaurus: Sees a Gastornis Hey ma’am. Can we speak to you

Gastornis: Are you here to save them?

Purutaurus: What? Save who, Gastornis?

Gastornis: The two warriors who are Imprisoned by Lord Lythronax.

Purutaurus: Umm… hang on a second Pulls Gastornis into the shadows

Gastornis: Their names are Grykeleken and Sarcorixis. They’re in Lumbersded Jail which is right next to the Lumbersded Gold mine

Purutaurus: What? They’re still alive. They must be in the jail, waiting for us to save them, so they can help us take down the weapon and Lord Lythronax. Okay, Let’s go! Puts Gastornis back out of the shadows Thanks Gastornis.

Darwezopteryx: Hey! Stop those trespassers!

The Smilocephalosaurus start chasing Purutaurus, Acrocanthops, Purrolyth, Diplovenator, Skoonasaurus

Purutaurus, Acrocanthops, Purrolyth, Diplovenator, Skoonasaurus hide in a dumpster

Then all of the Smilocephalosaurus are taken down by Dilophoboa

Dilophoboa: Opens the Dumpster Is everyone alright.

Purutaurus: Yes

Purrolyth: So who exactly are you

Dilophoboa: Dilophoboa. And I was actually Spinoconstrictor’s brother. And I didn’t like the fact that he joined Dracoceratops, and Procerathomimus.

Purutaurus: Don’t worry. There all dead now.

Dilophoboa: Oh… Okay.

Purutaurus: But do you know where we can find Lumbersded Jail?

Dilophoboa: You’re already here.

Purutaurus: Sees a sign which says Lumbersded Jail

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Nice, using dinos that aren’t in the game.

Also thank goodness dilophoboa is more honourable then his brother