JWA Story’s The Purutaurus Part 9: Lumbersded Jail

Everyone breaks in Lumbersded Jail

Purutaurus: Sarcorixis? Gry… Sees Grykeleken in a jail cell

Purutaurus: It’s Grykeleken! And Sarco… rixis! Laughs I can’t believe we’re saving Brontolasmus’s students. I will breaks this thing open, I’ll try secret trick I also did…

Acrocanthops: Breaks the jail cell open

Purutaurus: Or do that. Laughs Prepare to be taken down Lord Lythronax! Yeeeeeee… ees? Sees that Grykeleken and Sarcorixis still remain in their cells Guys, are we going or not? Do you want to meet us there later? You do want to take back your town, right?

Sarcorixis: Of course. But if you try to take on Lord Lythronax first, then you’ll turn the weapon on the city, and the weapon will kill everyone!

Grykeleken: Including the people of your town.

Sarcorixis: Exactly. Puts the jail cell door back up It’s time to surrender Purutaurus. Jurassic World is dead.

Purutaurus: Wait… What… Wha.

Everyone else becomes horrified

Purutaurus: Jurassic World is dead? Fine!! You can sit here and watch yourselves sit in depression just for shame!

Grykeleken: And next we head to acceptance.

Purutaurus: We’ll take on Lord Lythronax! And the weapon! We’ll do it for the Dinosaurs, who want justice, and honor! Jurassic World still lives!

Utahraptor in Jail cell: Yeah!

Purutaurus: Team. Let’s go!

Everyone else: Lead the way!

They all leave Lumbersded Jail, and head to Lumbersded Mountain, but Purutaurus sees something near Lumbersded Mountain. A cross, with Brontolasmus’s name on it. Meaning that Brontolasmus died trying to defeat the weapon

Purutaurus: I will avenge you

Everyone continues, and looks up how high the mountain is

Purutaurus: Let’s take him down

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and none of them can fly.

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But they can climb

i kno
but they should have brought a flyer

Grylenken and sarcorixis are cowards…

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