[JWA story Shorts] The missile Launcher

Utahsinoraptor (at Spike’s Spiky Weapons)
Spike (the Sinoceratops): Hey…I know you! Hi…Dad?
Utahsinoraptor: Is that you Spike! You’ve grown so much!
Spike: clears throat Ahem, well since you are family…you are entitled to a free weapon of your choice! Would you like the Boomerang, the poison spear, the veteran drone, the missile launcher, some grenades…
Utahsinoraptor: I will take the veteran drone and the Missile launcher please and thank you!
Spike: Here you go. 2 drones and a launcher
Utahsinoraptor: exits building
(Drones shatter)
Utahsinoraptor: Aw man!

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