JWa Story Spin-off story Ep 2: A new threat arises

Ep 2:
The indominus Rex from Jurassic World has been revived (we’ll call her indy)
Indy: What do you want from me
Dracorex Gen 2: I want you to kill the ones who ended my line!! They will suffer
Indy: Eh, are you gonna tell me who they are or what?
Dracorex Gen 2: Ah yes, I want you to kill the heroes of New Jurassic World, specifically indoraptor
Indy: Hmm, that sounds very similar to my name, is it perhaps family?
Dracorex Gen 2: oh yes, i believe he is a sibling of yours
Indy: And you expect me to kill a sibling, how cold blooded are you?
Dracorex Gen 2: I thought you killed your sibling (thinking awkward, I thought this was normal for families to do
Flashback of Indy:
Humans used to do experiments on one of the i-rex’s to see how much better they were than other dinos so today they decided to pour a dilophosaurus acid (from their venom) on her back to test their armor
Indominus Rex: Stop, please, indy help me!!, acid doesn;t do much but leaves scars. Why do they do this to me?
Indy: I don’t know but one day I’ll kill them all!!!
Dr. Wu: Take the little one away.
Scientist: yessir. He goes to put indominus rex in a cage and proceeds to take her away
Indy: Wait, what are you doing. Its outrageous, its unfair (star wars 3 is the best) You can’t do that. Sees Dr. Wu behind the glass smirking. They’re all evil. Flashback ends

Indy swipes at dracorex gen 2 with her claws, impaling his neck, leaving him to die and walk away

You’ll finally see the heroes either next episode or this episode, but I thought see a new charachter would be more interesting than the same heroes


I thought Indom Rex was a good guy…

indominus rex is a good guy, indy used to be, but wants revenge. indy is the i-rex from jurassic world while indominus rex from jwa story is the sibling that indy supposeldy ate.

Woah! Plot twist! :open_mouth:

Nice spinoff, keep it coming

thx … ill keep doing it.