[JWA Story thanksgiving project] Kraw

Erlidominus goes to breakfest ready to see what’s going to happen, Indominus rex promissed to hold a thanksgiving dinner. All the sudden she is approached by Utahsinoraptor
Utahsinoraptor: Hey Erlidominus?
Erlidominus: Yeah what is it?
Utahsinoraptor: you know that I shot pokudai with a rocket launcher right?
Erlidominus: yes why?
Utahsinoraptor points at pokudai
Erlidominus: wait this isn’t right, how is pokudai still alive?
Utahsinoraptor also points to trykosaurus as trykosaurus seems to shrink and grow feathers, in front of their eyes trykosaurus becomes another pokudai
Erlidominus: Utahsinoraptor get everyone you can and bring them to the castle, I’ll go check on Indominus rex and Indoraptor
The 2 split as Erlidominus checks on indoraptor
Erlidominus: Indoraptor eveyone is turning into pokudai for some reason and I don’t know what to do
Indoraptor: what do you want me to do about it
Erlidominus: I was thinking that the hero that defeated Dracoceratops with boosts could at least do something
Indoraptor: lets go find indominus rex maybe he’ll find a way to quarintine everyone
Erlidominus and Indoraptor go into town where they find Utahsinoraptor stuggling to find anyone that’s not pokudai but to no avail it seems that the three are the only one that isn’t a pokudai
Erlidominus: this is bad what do we do
Indoraptor: we can’t stay here in the open we got to retreat before
A pokudai swoops into Erlidominus, Indoraptor takes the hit pushing Erlidominus away from him
Indoraptor: you have to run
Erlidominus: but where
Indoraptor: anywhere but here just go!
Erlidominus and Utahsinoraptor quickly flee from the village behind them a chorus of KRAWS (more wise words from pokudais). Where do they go? that’s up for you to write. I want to try something out where the whole community writes a story rather than just me because I’m not amazing at it. But with our powers combined we might make something that actually might work so go ahead try writing a bit of the story.

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Utahsinoraptor: We need help! Come on, lets go
Erlidominus: Wait, have you ever thought that maybe…just maybe, these poukaidei want to be friends? This one did.
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Utahsinoraptor: Ah!!!
Erlidominus: I bought a Poukaidei translation app. You’re not the only one who gets cool things.
Poukaidei: Ahem. Hello. I am Poukaidei. The original Poukaidei. Dracoceratops cloned me to be his servant. I am free now. Now to the point at matter.
Utahsinoraptor: amazed So much in one craw!
Poukaidei: My clone has gone mad and is turning everyone into him. I am immune, of course, because I’m me.
Utahsinoraptor: and…
Erlidominus: I think he wants us to stop his clone.
Poukaidei: Presicely. My powers are useless because he can do the same thing. You have new powers. Will you help?

your turn!

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Pokudai: there is a special artifact only wielded by those of pure heart, the Disney princess dress as well as a legendary item who is wielded by only those who have amazing acurracy, the gold rocket launcher. Gather both items and you can possibly stop the cure and my evil clone
Erlidominus: gasps you know about the Disney princess dress? I thought it was only a myth
Pokudai: it exist however a ceramangus guards the 2 items. If you manage to outsmart him or defeat him you can obtain the items
Utahsinoraptor: well that’s great but where is it
Pokudai: there is a map near pokudai land but there a strict rule of no technology
Erlidominus: does that means that we can’t understand them and we’ll only hear Kraws?
Pokudai: exactly
Utahsinoraptor: well we have to get the map somehow, I guess we’ll gather stuff first before going on the adventure

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Utahsinoraptor: Ok, um…we have a toothpick, a toothbrush, some toothpaste, erm…
Erlidominus: And I have my Disney prince-…oh…
Utahsinoraptor: Wrong dress!
Erlidominus: That makes more sense
Utahsinoraptor: Mysilver rocket launcher, my bronze rocket launcher, my wooden-
Erlidominus: I get it! You have a lot of rocket launchers!
Utahsinoraptor: -and…my wooden gargoyle
Erlidominus: Why do you have- never mind
In Poukaidei land
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Utahsinoraptor: TOO MANY "CRAW"S!!!
Erlidominus: Ikr, but you dont have to shout
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Poukaidei: Kraw!
Poukaidei: Kraw!

evil clone Poukaidei: Karaw!
Utahsinoraptor: Hey…That’s not a real “Kraw”!
All poukaideis look at him weirdly
Erlidominus: Uh…according to this Poukaidei, you said a…um…donkey was biting your nose
Utahsinoraptor: Huh? Wait, You speak poukaidei?
Erlidominus: Their language is called Poukaidei-Kraw (It means "Poukaidei Greatness). And yea, I’m part Erlikosaurus, the master bird-caller. It’s one of my many side-talents.
Utahsinoraptor: Well, can they help us?

Your turn!

Funnily enough, I’ve always associated Utasinoraptor with rocket launchers, since it had that DI-IC-CI-DI and so on combo, like a constant stream of missiles.

evil clone pokudai: wait I can explain
Erlidominus: he isn’t even talking in pokudai
pokuda: KRAW!!!
all of the pokudais chase an innocent pokudai away from the villiage
Utahsinoraptor: I got the map, as soon as we leave you are telling me your family tree
Erlidominus: alright where is that map pointing to?
Utahsinoraptor: it points to blue mountain, named after a raptor that taught a great beast how to shelter an empire
Erlidominus:I mean we don’t need to know the lore but that’s good to know, let’s go before they come back there’s already some pokudai suspicious of us
Erlidominus and Utahsinoraptor both leave the village towards blue mountain

Erlidominus: Blue mountain was named after Blue, my…let’s see here…my mom’s sister’s friend’s cousin.
Utahsinoraptor: Ok, so…how do we get up?
Erlidominus: The mountain is easy to get to, but it is guarded by goats.
Utahsinoraptor: Ok so le-
Erlidominus: Not so fast. These are terror goats, capable of killing one of us in 1 or 2 seconds!
Utahsinoraptor: Got it. So I will just rocket-launch them.
Erlidominus: No! 1. That’s animal abuse, and 2, then their leader will come out. Their leader is like, 30 ft. tall! We can’t take down something that big.
Utahsinoraptor: Can’t you sneak down there? Just…I don’t know…turn invisible or something!
Erlidominus: eh…OK!
Erlidominus sneaks over