Jwa Story: The Civilians: A new tyrant

Erlidominus: There was a time of peace, then one dinosaur rose above them all. The mighty Dracoceratops tortured the land, and civilians were subject to his cruel might. Then, a team of heroes, including King Indominus Rex, stopped him and peace was returned. The boosts were destroyed, and forever the civilians will cherish those heroes who stopped the “Mighty Rat”


Erlikogamma: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Stop! Stop thief!
Charlie: Ya know bro, if you wanna catch a thief, ya gotta think like a thief. Ok, where would I go if I was stealing your backpack…I know! To the bicycle shop!
Erlikogamma: Why?
Charlie: Honestly, I have no idea
Erlikogamma: uh…Ok…Let’s go!
(At the bicycle shop)
Charlie: See! There’s the thief! He has your backpack!
Deinonychus: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Loser Bros.
Charlie and Erlikogamma: Drop it or else…
Deinonychus: Or else what?
Erlikogamma: gets claws ready
Deinonychus: drops backpack Gotta run! whizzes off
(somewhere else)
Rajakylosaurus: dreaming
Diorajasaur (in dream): Avenge me! Take the throne! Don’t let my purpose die!
(wakes up)
Rajakylosaurus: That…was the shortest dream I ever had.

And that was the first episode!
The series will have a bunch of spirits, revenge, zombies, and dental appointments