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JWA Story:The Hunt Of The Great Savannah:Book 1

The greatest hunt ever made that proves that you can be small on the outside but you can be BIG ON THE INSIDE.

It started a long time ago in prehistoric africa during the harsh dry season.Water was scarce and prey was hard to find.Many have fallen including the big, but for the small they were able to carry on with there life.Meet pyroraptor a speedy hunter pyroraptor was 2.5 meters long and 8 feet tall.Pyroraptor was a born killer and worked in a pack.This pack of pyro raptors roamed the savannahs and were on the hunt for prey mainly the herds that were migrating down south the pyroraptor pack followed the herds.The herds were made up of maiasaura and tenontosaurus these big creatures were to big to take down with one raptor but with a whole pack of 7 they could take down these massive herbivores.They set there trap and the trap was about to start… Out of the bushes 1 of the pyro raptors dashed for the herds as he runs toward the herd the dinosaur herd begins to panic and they all begin running for their lives.But what they don’t know is that the other pyro raptors are hiding in the bush waiting for the trap to launch while the raptors wait in the bush the one who is chasing the herd sees something in the distance.The raptor sees a Acrocanthosaurus making a beeline for the raptors in the bush.Not knowing what to do the raptor says the signal and the raptors go for the weakest member and the pyro raptor from before runs to the Acro and he jumps on the acro giving a big slice in it’s leg but the acro throws the raptor of with slamming force making the raptor bleed out and have a broken leg.When all seems lost the Pyro raptor jumps on the Acro’s face slashing the eye out of the Acrocanthosaurus and the acro falls to the ground when the Acro gets up the Pyro raptor does a ginormous roar and the acro leaves with wound he will never forget as for the hunt it was a success for the pack.But for this PYRORAPTOR it is a story to tell and a experience to remember as the hunt turned into the The Hunt Of The Great Savannahs.

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If you want me to make another story please tweet out to me and I can make your idea for a story into A journey of a lifetime#BOOK 2 COMING SOON

can you do spinosaurus?

sure i can

Ill get working on it right now!!! as we speak