JWA Story's The Purutaurus Part 1: The Tale of a Young Lord

I’m going to narrarate this myself

Note: This only part was way before Mortem Rex was Evil. And this is actually how Mortem Rex Became Evil

Me (The Narrarator): Back before Dinosaurs existed, there were three Apex Dinosaurs: Mortem Rex, Hadros Lux, and Ceramagnus. Each one created three Dinosaur races each

Mortem Rex created Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Hadros Lux created Herbivorous Dinosaurs


Ceramagnus created Strong Dinosaurs

Me (The Narrarator): Then one day, Mortem Rex’s oldest son, Lord Lythronax, created hynrids. However, most of these hybrids became evil. Mortem Rex, Hadros Lux, and Ceramagnus did live in a Mountain near a town.

Me (The Narrarator): Then one day, the elder of the town, Eremoceros, went to speak with the Apex Dinosaurs, and she told them, if Lord Lythronax continued to create evil Hybrids, he would be defeated by a Hybrid of a Purrussaurus. The Young Lord heard about this, and sent his Smilocephalosaurus troops out to help him change his fate, but he did the worst way ever.

The Smilocephalosaurus attack and possibly kill several unknown Purrussaurus hybrids

Me (The Narrarator): Lord Lythronax return to the Apex Dinosaurs, full of Pride, but in their faces, he saw only sadness

Me (The Narrarator): Because of this, Mortem Rex banished Lord Lythronax from the city forever. But Lord Lythronax swor he would get revenge. Then in the middle of the night, Lord Lythronax somehow turned Mortem Rex evil. One day, he would do the same to Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus. And all of Jurassic World would be bow at his feet.

20 Years Later

The Smilocephalosaurus start creating ships and War Tanks

The Head Smilocephalosaurus jumps onto the very top of the building

Head Smilocephalosaurus: It’s almost done Lord Lythronax, but we ran out of wood

Lord Lythronax: Search the villages with the largest Lumber Mills. Find more wood. I will be the king

Opening Film’s Title

JWA Story’s The Purutaurus