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JWA- Suggestions

First of all, A thank you to the Ludia team for giving me the chance to give a more detailed explanation of what I wished to express about Jurassic world alive.

  1. Cost vs Rewards. I had personally paid approximately $400.00 on this game before I realized that even at that I wouldn’t be able to rank up more than one dino to level 30. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I understand that this is a business venture and that the game takes time and money to both make and maintain, I myself am an honest person and have spent my life working to maintain the status quo of honesty and integrity. That being said I feel as though this company is out to take full advantage of anyone who plays JWA. My personal suggestions to combat that feeling. Drop the price of your incubators by 1/4, double the coins that are purchased with the dino bills, and bring out the deal that allows us to buy double the dino coins for the standard price more often. I can honestly say that I personally would be far more likely to spend money on a game that has honest and fair prices. I will continue to play this game until I hit the point that the 8800 dino bucks I still have is spent, I have approximately 10 dino’s to lvl 20, 460k in dino coins and the 8800 dino bucks. With all of that I am willing to bet that I could get maybe 1 or 2 of those to lvl 30, this to me is just a depressing thought after the many hours I’ve played collecting dino dna. The last suggestion I have for cost vs reward is, let the spinners give coins all the time just like they do the darts, if you do this ppl will be more likely to play longer and more tempted to spend money over time.

  2. The Passenger Prompt. I am a Truck driver, we stop and start many times a day and that prompt has made me miss out on a great many dino’s I could have gotten dna for. I can understand if this prompt is part of the game or is forced on the game by rules and or regulations, and if it cannot be changed please let me know “but, be honest please”. If however it can be changed I have a couple of suggestions for possible changes to improve it. The first suggestion is to have that prompt pop up at the opening of the game even if the player isn’t moving and that be the only prompt for it. Next, give us the option to turn this prompt off in the options menu. Lastly, if it has to be “as is” please make it happen as you start moving not every few minutes while you are moving.

  3. Drone usage and Pre battle communications. First is the drone, for this I have three issues. The first is the extreme change between the drones speeds. Maybe it’s because I’m older I need a medium speed :relieved:, though instead of creating yet another drone, why not create a speed slide bar in the options.( the drone speed is a minor issue that may only affect me :blush:). On to a real issue, I am the head of an alliance and we have lost many battle’s due to a lack of pre battle communications. It’s a real pain in the bootie to have to cancel a fight just to try to organize my people. The only fix for this issue in my mind would be to suggest that you put a chat in the pre battle menu so people can suggest what dino’s to use and or come up with a good strategy for the next attempt. Now for the last issue I can think of. The drone’s center dot and lines are quite dark, which makes aiming accuracy very difficult. I cannot be sure if this was done purposely, if so I take offence to the way it is designed to make the player miss what should be easy shots on dino’s. If this was not done purposely I apologize for making it sound so in my short review of your game. As for suggestions for this I think giving your players the option to change the color of the center dot and lines of the targeting reticle would be a wonderful addition to the game or simply making a change yourselves would go far. I personally would like the dot to be a neon green option and for the reticle dot to be approximately 1/5 larger in size.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and possibly consider making changes to what I consider a great game concept, I love the challenges and competition this game has and hope to continue to play Jurassic world alive. I realize that all of the things I have listed here may not change for many reasons though I hope some or all do.
     Thank you for giving me the chance to express my opinions and concerns, as well as your time and consideration.
                                               J Dc
                            of The Honorable Elite.

Hey there, J_Dc. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions regarding the game. As for the suggestion for better Raid communications, while I cannot guarantee anything, please rest assured that this has been brought up to our team! :slight_smile:

The drone speed slider is also a great idea, IMO. I’m also terrible with the controls so it would definitely help to have more customization on the speed. :sweat_smile:


Ned-- Support

     Thank you for taking the time to respond to me and for your interest in my ideas, as a direct result of your kindness I will add another star back to my rating of JWA. I will as well be looking forward to any new improvements to the game. Again, thank you for your consideration and time.
                            J Dc, of The Honorable Elite.