JWA Suriname (5/4) looking for active players

Two open spots for active players over 2000 trophies and at least 2 legendaries. Be prepared to follow strategic guidelines such as: hold alliance missions incubators until notice, help completing missions (especially throwing darts/direct hits). Also: donate when you request and avoid double requests. Waaigirl#5072

Hi. I’m lvl 19, have indoraptor an Thor uniques an well over 2000 trophies. I’m actively seeking a new alliance, that consistently gets exploration rank 4 or higher. I complete daily missions an battle incubators. I’m familiar with team alliance tactics. Thanks
Kerry (splashcat67)

Sounds good. I will create the empty spots in an hour, thus giving those players a chance to claim their incubs from last week. Will get back to you when you can join. Or even better: give me your full username so I can send you invite.

Oh and Kerry, anticipating on your joining us, can you please hold your mission’s incubs from last week?

Sorry I’ve already opened them. Alliance only got to rank 2 exploration an rank 1 defence. :weary:

OMG. We are already at 2/1 now! Anyway, the spots are available so please send your request. Indira notifies everyone on progression but you can see it yourself, which is nice and gives you a better chance to get to know everyone.

Ehm Kerry, I don’t see your request. Or send me your username with postfix #1234

How do I join I have 5 legendaries and over 3000 trophies

Rameez85 #7592

Hi Rameez,

Right now we don’t have an open spot but I guess we’ll have space next week.

If you’re still interested by then, please let me know before Monday.

Kind regards,

Petra Versol (Waaigirl)

Yea I will wait. I’m looking for an active alliance I’m tired of bouncing around. I give alot of DNA if I have available and expect some in return as well. Never been passed level 3 incubator. So I’m looking to stay long term and play as a team. I will reach put to you Friday again.

I’m sure we’ll have spots next week and you are first in line. But you may understand that I don’t want to kick people out while the new missions have already begun. I want to try to remain nice, even to those who only request and not donate, those who are
never top contributor, those who don’t battle in arena’s (so they also never help with the daily incub mission), those who reject friendly battle requests; it’s unfair to all members who DO contribute.

Fair enough… I will wait for you to add me next week.

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Hi Rameez, we surely have free spots next week. I hope you’re still interested. Please stand by, if I get really angry with one member we’ll have a spot before Monday

Yea I’m still interested please let me once the spot is free and I’ll join

Are you stand by? I’l remove someone right now and you can join.

Okay, please join asap because I don’t want other members to invite someone

I can’t send you an invite as the player name you gave in your earlier message seems to be wrong

Yea I’m ready. Rameez85 #7592

Welcome Rameez. One problem: your user name is Guest and we already have a player with that user name. Same icon as well. Can you change either your name or the icon? I prefer you’d change the name.
Now you’ll get this week’s rewards on Monday. We ask all members except 2 NOT TO OPEN THEM. Wait until you get notice. In the meantime we level up as quick as we can. Once Exploration is at L3, members #35-50 can open their alliance incubs. When Expl is at L4, the rest can open.
In the meantime two members update us on progression and tell us when something has priority. Usually we the last task to finish is throwing darts, so you’ll be asked to help and in the meantime postpone collecting DNA. You’ll get the drift once next week’s missions start. But again: please wait with claiming your 5/4 rewards until notice. (This will be within 24 hours!)
Please let me know if you understood all this and will participate.

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