JWA Suriname (5/4) looking for active players

We hit level 4 as well yesterday. But now have a mission for 80.000 epic DNA…

Yes! We have a spot open and 2 more to come. Who is interested? Active players only!

I’m interested in joining a new alliance. At 3529 trophies right now with 21 legendary or unique dinos. My username is: Aims2Misbehave

Are you an active player, i.e. play daily, get your daily incubator, do friendly battles? If so, let me know. And also add the postfix to your username, the 4 numbers after #
One spot is filled but a new spot is coming up within 12 hrs

Yep I do all those things! The postfix is: 5431. Thanks!

Okay Bree (is that a girl’s or a boy’s name?), you’re in. Your spot will be available around 21.00 EDT. This is because I set an ultimatum for someone and I always keep my word. We’re at 4/3 at the moment and we have things organized to rank as high as possible. This means: not claiming mission’s awards on Mondays (two members update on progression and usually 12 hrs after start, the first can be claimed) and as of Friday, save your daily battle incubs (dbi) (unless you need ‘m for daily missions of course) so they can be opened gradually on Monday. One members arranges this so you won’t lose a dbi. They can be stacked up to 3 by the way. So if you’ve not yet opened today’s dbi, save it. Please let me know if this is all clear.

Bree is female (short for Aubrey). That all sounds good and clear to me. Looking forward to being part of your alliance, thanks!

Okay Bree, I’ll get back to you later this evening. Are you in the US? EDT or PDT?

Sounds great. I’m in the US, PDT.

In that case… with the epic DNA misssion we’re at 42/80k DNA. If you haven’t finished the epic strike, could you perhaps wait until this evening? I would send you the invite around 18.00 PDT… Would be helpful

Invite sent already. Alliance is moving on. Everyone hates the culprits.

We have 2 spots open! Are you an active player, willing to participate in our strategy to reach 5/4 on mission’s incubs? Come with us!

Unfortunately I had to let go one of our newest members, so we have a free spot again. Are you active, hands on and do you play arena (daily battle incub)? Join us. We have a chat on messenger, informative and fun.
By the way, we’re not especially looking for L20’s. As of L12 is okay (at least 2 legendaries and/or above 2000 trophies).

Hi, I’m Level 13 and have 7 legendaries, hovering around 3K to 3.1K trophies now. Would like to ask if there’re still any open spots on the alliance?

Yes, you’re welcome. Give me your user name and #0000 so I can send you an invite!

Mine’s ArtemisWolf #1436

I have sent you an invite. Please join our messenger group JWA Suriname immediately after accepting so you can see what’s going on. There is 1 photo/text with guidelines, pls read/download. If you can’t find the group, you can friend me on fb: Petra Versol, and I’ll add you.

I just requested to join the messenger group on Facebook :slight_smile:

Artemis, I don’t see your request. Pls join asap, it’s mandatory. If you don’t, we’ll have to let you go again.

Join us if your searching for an alliance, Friendly, helpful and active alliance needing members to come grow with us, and meet new teammates!
We am looking for new members for New player Alliance to grow and level up, willing to meet daily goals, and donate DNA if requesting. Low level and new players welcome But! Will gladly accept all who want in.
Alliance: The Dino Whisper