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JWA TeamTexas has a few spaces available

Not a hardcore alliance,only requested to play daily and do dbi every day,10 takedowns on tournaments
10/9 on missions every week
Level 20 sanctuary available
We use discord to plan raids and chat
Pm me if interested or join our discord channel a9DctAQ
You can create sanctuary for yourself ,but can’t place dinos on the coop sanctuary

Hello I am level 20 and my son is level 14 we had made an alliance but it just never took off so we miss out on alot we would like to join your alliance

My game name is alexdfh2005 8908

Hi jrdino

Can you join our discord channel
And we will be flad to have both of you

I sent you request to join the alliance

When you can send your son login details
For me to invite him as well

OK thanks alot working on figuring out discord lol

Good that you and your son joined
Welcome to texas

Only 1 place left to fill