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JWA TeamTexas is recruiting a few new members


We are currently at 35 members and reaching 4 Exploration and 3 on Defense! We use Discord and are looking for some new ACTIVE players to join us (all ranks are welcome, but you MUST be an active player). Although our name is Texas based our alliance members are from every where. If you are a “small” alliance we’d be willing to absorb your 5-15 members.

TeamTexas Alliance Rules

  1. You must be an active JWA player and a member of the TeamTexas alliance.
  2. At least 4 days a week, you must battle, dart and either request or donate DNA!
  3. Exceptions are given for vacation, sickness, REAL life issues - just let us know
  4. DNA Request Tiers: Tier 1 may be requested anytime. Tier 2 may be requested 3x per week (Monday’s Wednesdays Friday’s) Tier 3 may be requested 1 x per week (Sunday ONLY)
  5. Being top Contributor on ANY mission allows you to request anything.
  6. Requesting the wrong tier dino will result in a strike - 3 strikes and you will be removed from the TeamTexas Alliance.
    Our rules may not be a fit for you. For the fairness of everyone there will be no exceptions to the 3 strike rule.

You can join us by searching JWA TeamTexas. Once in the alliance introduce yourself and ask for the Discord code.


We’ve still got room for a few more!