JWA: The New Breed

Ok, so here, I’m gonna post some stuff here regarding a project I’m working on called The New Breed. For those who don’t like anime or anime-related content, here is your warning to stay away. Don’t go whining to me about it, ya hear?

The working synopsis of TNB I have so far is this: ““JWA:The New Breed” is a newest JWA idea based on my previous Hololive JW concept, but this time given a proper storyline.
Within the Metaverse Towers, warriors dedicate their entire lives to being what it takes to stand at the top of the tier. Many try, and some fail. But for those with the most tenacity, strength, skills, and smarts, they are granted the titles of being the meta. But is it truly what they think it is?”


The MetaTowers are run by one entity known as “Ms. GP”, and her two primary assistants, Linda and Lucas Ludia (named after the company who granted us the game). Together they formed a tower-based system, basically like the arena system in JWA. Warriors must rise up to the top of the ranks with their teams of 8, and must try to maintain their spot. No one really knows why they try to even accomplish such a difficult task, but it is what one considers the ultimate test of strength.

There are 4 primary Towers: Jungle, Badlands, Ruins, Volcano. These battlegrounds are where teams clash or have friendly spars to reach their desired places.

Now, based on the classes of JWA, there are certain factions warriors can associate with. Named after the first legendary warriors of the Meta, they are as follows:

  • Ouroboros Faction (Apexes)
  • Omega Faction (Fierce)
  • Juggernaut Faction (Fierce Resilient)
  • Valkyrie Faction (Cunning Fierce)
  • Maelstrom Faction (Cunning Resilient)
  • Salamander Faction (Cunning)
  • Colossus Faction (Resilient)
  • Alpha Faction (Wild Card)
    These should be self-explanatory. Teams are recommended to have a mix of members of all factions. Usually, teams in the past that only relied on one faction were decimated and destroyed.

Even after all this, fighting isn’t the only thing these warriors do. There are places for them to rest, have fun, upgrade weapons, even places to simply talk amongst each other.

Entertainment is also provided for the fighters as well. IBRIS is the primary group to provide musical and comedic pastimes, but occasionally one known as DJ Maximayhem comes in for a treat.


The current teams that still remain within the Meta are as follows:

  • Team Argent (where our main protagonists will be for this story)
  • Team Sapphire
  • Team Auerate
  • Team Rubellite
  • Team Malachite
  • //Team Obsidian// (?)

Now for a bit of a 4th wall break and address anyone who does have questions regarding these. While these colors may look like they’re based on rarity, which yes the team composition is, but rarities no longer exist for TNB. They are simply a team color, an association. Just because they have the color of Uniques, doesn’t mean that they’re better than say, some members of Rubellite. Much like how in the actual JWA meta, some lower-rarity hybrids are better than those of a higher designation.

Oh, and I should probably mention, the characters within are all based on JWA hybrids. While I could cameo some others like JWTG hybrids or other bosses, the characters will mostly be based on JWA alone.


If yall have any questions, feel free to ask here.

How many dino people are you planning on drawing and how will the story work? Is it an animation or is in text format?

I will be releasing information on teams and players soon. And it will most likely be within a ocmbination of both visual and word-based storytelling, sort of like a light novel.


Now, the first team I will be revealing, and you may have already seen them, is Team Argent, the newest to enter the Meta!

Einii is one of the newest to enter the Meta, a member of Team Argent. A feisty warrior, built with two shields that double as blasters, she is hot-headed and always ready for battle. Despite her more upfront personality, she is also very defensive in battle and in spirit.

Unlike her twin sister Einii, Majun is more of a strategist. Due to not being as physically capable as her sister, and with way less defenses, she often relies on combining strength and smarts to get by. Using her double-split cliubs, she leads fights with sudden shields and counter attacks, and when endangered, enters a state of ferocious fury.

Possibly one of the closest thing to a Florida Man in JWA:TNB, Purth is wild, vulgar, and unpredictable. It’s no surprise that she fits the criteria to enter the Meta, fit with not only a ferocity of a enraged crocodile, but a fast regenerative ability, and will never let her prey escape. Like Majuu, she knows how to counter and parry, but she is less reserved.

Patar is Purth’s cousin. While being also a ferocious and devious warrior like Purth, Patar is far less wild. She prefers to simply be Purth’s supervisor. However, in battle, she isn’t to be underestimated. She is simply just dangerous. That’s only in battle, though.

Didi is one of the smallest members of Team Argent, but what she lacks in physical prowess, she makes up for in a fierce nature. With her two skull blades, and using her wingsuit to fly through the air to strike from anywhere, she is not something to be trifled with. Her personality is also quite something. She is quick and harsh of the tongue, talking and snapping at almost everyone, even those of a higher rank.

Prisha is a skillful dancer, using her fans, bright colors, and prissy flamenco dress to catch her opponents off guard. On the outside, she is more composed than the rest of her teammates, but on the inside, she is a child at heart and a prankster. She can also do other dances apart from her battle styles, which has attracted some audiences to her.

Rena is the youngest and newest member of the Domina family. All of her other family members are within the highest ranks of the Meta, and Rena is lagging behind. She doesn’t believe that being shoved into the newest and lowest ranking team is going to help her, especially because she had spent her life preparing to enter the Towers. After all, they’re only distractions.

These three are considered one unit or member, but I will be talking about them individually.
Comma (middle) is the leader of this hive mind. Her personality is bold and snarky, willing to take risks. Comma is also the smartest of her unit, often devising strategies for her team, although the efficacy of these plots are debatable.
Pisa (left) is the happy-go-luckily sister. She likes to take a more passive role, cheering on her team and unit, even assisting in a more supportive role, providing buffs and heals.
Caula (right) is the bruiser, even more aggressive and easily angered then Comma. She dishes out the main damage output for her unit, and despite her more smaller stature, packs a punch any warrior would recognize. She even absorbs immense damage for her unit by much more powerful foes.


a size chart of Team Argent


This is weird

True. This is probably the most unorthodox project I’ve done. But really it’s an exercise for storytelling and designing. Also you might wanna change that language before some of the mods notice.

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