JWA Tips for Newbies

(This post is for posting tips for players new to the game and asking some question about the game)

  1. Use rookie mode for your drone which is found in setting (cog icon)
  2. Use scents (mostly giga since longer duration) if you want to find some common or rare creatures.
  3. Do event strikes (Incubator battles) to gain common, rare, or epic DNA
  4. Join an alliance if you want to do raids or need DNA (or maybe just want some friends)
  5. (Personal Tip) Whenever arriving at a new arena, do some battles and if many players have higher level creatures, lvl up your creatures to that level or higher if you want to beat the arena

Dart anything and everything load up on dna coins and cash always load up on coins you will never know when there needed


I think whatever you are most comfortable with is best. Rookie is slowest with no drift, for me it’s kinda hard to dart with. I personally prefer the classic one, and many others I know prefer veteran. So I suggest whatever you find easiest.

If you want to improve fast in JWA. You only have to follow one rule though: dart everything you see. Similarly to what those above me mentioned.

I also think finding a good team is important. They can carry you with strong rewards and give you vital PvP tactics to help you improve your battling gameplay. Beyond just those fundamentals, if you find an alliance that uses discord that you can get to know your teammates to another level. I can assure you that the best part of JWA is some of the other great people you get to meet in your alliance. Definitely happened with me with countless of the friends I’ve made in the alliance I’m in.


Another tip: Get info on the viability of creatures from pro players. Many people make the mistake of investing into a creature that ends up being useless later on. Indoraptor is by far the most common example. You can still use it, but investing levels and boosts into it isn’t recommended, as you’ll later find out it’s one of the worst uniques and will end up holding your team back.


Tip: Have fun. Don’t feel overwhelmed


Tip: Don’t consume your boosts on legendary/epic/rare/common Dinosaurs, keep all the boosts until you have unique dinosaurs
And apex And if you have unique dinosaurs like indoraptor or dracocerato DO NOT PUT THE BOOSTS ON THEM the most skilful you will get Report, because it is very annoying to play versus these dino (if you do not know which are the dinosaurs that are not annoying looking on the internet or ask someone)


Personal Tip: do not spend your coins on evolving everything in your collection once you reach a somewhat higher level (lvl 9 to 10 and onwards). Have some foresight, decide on which uniques and legendary hybrids/superhybrids you want to make in the future, and keep in your team. For example, I have very recently made diplovenator, cuz I want to make diplovenator in the future. I am also leveling up my velosrhacos and brontolasmus cuz i want to keep them in my team. Most importantly, evolve whatever you like with some foresight, and have fun!


You can’t get reported for using a creature someone considers annoying. Not only is annoyance towards a creature opinion-based, but getting reported for using a creature that’s allowed to be used in the game doesn’t make any sense.

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No no no… You can’t report because you use an annoying creature but Someone give report when they get annoyed but put something at random.

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What?? Give me a break. Anyone reporting another player for beating them fair and square should not be playing the game.


Be conservative with boosts. Have a goal in mind when you use them. If it’s for tournaments, then use them on anything. But if your main focus is the arena, hold back as you dotn get to move them around freely. Look at what your end goal is for creatures and focus your boosts there.

Keep in mind that things can change very rapidly and what is good now can be not so good later. Try not to put all your eggs in one basket.

If going unboosted, what has helped me has been finding creatures that can be useful in a large variety of scenarios and thinking outside the box.

Try to keep a balanced team composition. Too many of one class can be detrimental whe up against the right teams.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Us old timers want to help new players get the most out of their playing experience. We’ve got all kinds of tips, tricks and advice.


Yes… I keep playing this game even though some players do that

Even though they seem useless you can use creature markers to know what you want to level up I use green for ones I should be focusing on immediately and orange for ones that I will level in the future

I use markers so i can remember what dinosaurs i need to make hybrids

Finally some love for the markers!! I’ve been using them a lot and have been extremely helpful and have saved me lots of time. I use all the markers.

Red: Creatures I’m currently hunting.

Orange: Creatures I can level up to a specific hybrid level.

Purple: Creatures I’m currently fusing.

Green: Hybrids that I have components ready to level up.

Yellow: Future proyects

Blue: Dream Team

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Red: Benched dinos with boosts to strip in eventual shuffle
Green: Dinos ready to max, when coins are ready
Orange: Current projects
Yellow: Components to request and FIP
Blue: Vasilas components
Purple: Dinos in shared sanctuary

It’s actually good stuff, since everyone can mark creatures as they seem fit.
I like this feature.


Here are mine:
Blue: Dream Team
Yellow: Needs leveling for hybrid unlocking
Red: Needs leveling for advantage tournaments
Orange: Usable in advantage tournaments
Purple: Targeted DNA
Green: Nothing atm

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Green: resilient
Blue: cunning
Orange: fierce
Yellow: wildcard
Red: flocks
Purple: healers

True that I agree I get annoyed at people beating me but it is not the end of the universe or something

People talking bout creatures markers now lol