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JWA Top 50 Teams Over Time- 4/24/20

Being as bored as I have been over the last two weeks, I decided to do some analysis on the top 50 players teams in jwa. Initially I just wanted to see how 1.13 would change the top 50 teams so I counted all the Dino’s in those teams the night before 1.13 dropped. Since tonight is the end of Allo G2 season, I counted the teams again since I won’t have a good way to measure them for a while.
So what these numbers mean is how many of that species there are in the top 50 (ex. there are currently 25 teams with Geminititan on them, so there are 25 Geminititan in the top 50 teams).
Blue stands for the first time I counted (3/16/20) and red is the second time I counted (3/29/20)
Anyways you can see how in just 2 weeks, creatures rose and fell.
I also made an endangerment tier list. -
Population of 50-26: Least Concern.
This population is thriving and will definitely still be there the next time I count. -
Population of 25-11: Near Threatened. The population will almost certainly survive until I count again and is NOT currently threatened, but could be in the future. -
Population of 10-6: Vulnerable.
This population is doing well, but there is a very small possibility it could go extinct by the next time I count. -
Population of 5-2: Endangered.
This population could go extinct in the top 50. It is not likely, but definitely a real possibility.
Population of 1: Critically Endangered.
This population is in grave danger of not being in the top 50 the next time I count, as it is dependent on one creature. -
Population of 0: Extinct in the Top 50.
There are no members of this species present in the top 50. It could come back however.
Purutaurus was present in the previous time I counted but as of today is not, that’s why I declared it extinct in the top 50. Technically anything that isn’t in the top 50 could count, but I’m only including those that were in it at one point or another.
I worked for a while on this lol. I hope you guys like it.
My Instagram is @jah_minititan


Also I will be continuing tracking the teams over whoever knows how long. More and more bars will get added.

Interesting, not quite what I expected. Quetzorion actually went up :thinking:

That surprised me too

not surprising thyla went down a bit. I am surprised that phorusaura went down a bit.
everything else seems to be small increases or decreases save for gemini. I’m assuming with the dilpodo showcased in events and alliance missions people were able to level her closer to their team level to slot her in.

According to the Phorusaura users in my alliance, that nerf hit it harder than anticipated.

oh right. i forgot she got an attack nerf.

Yeah I agree. The only thing that surprised me was that Quetzorion went up a little. There should be more changes as time goes on

I used it pre-1.13 and I’ve now dropped it from my team

What’s with more Indor G2 after 1.13 cleanse nerf though? I’m finding killing them is quite a bit easier now

I’m really not sure. I think the drop in smilo and thyla may have helped indo g2 as well as the drop in phorusaura

That would be the case if boosts weren’t a thing. These players are the top 50 and probably already have max level and maxed boosted (or close to it) creatures. it takes a long time to farm enough boosts to slot something else in, even if they refunded half of something else.

I would like to revisit this in a month. see how much it changes. I susspdct a decent increase in mamolo as people start unlocking it.

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You have a point. I’m gonna count every two weeks

Also one thing I expect to happen as Mammolania rises in numbers is for Tryko and ardentismaxima numbers to drop since they lose to Mammolania pretty hard

I dont know of anything that beats mammolania outright.

Yeah but those two lose especially to it. Tryko gets totally demolished lol

I see it loosing something in the future. That unavoidable damage is the same reason indo g2 and maxi lost definite rampage. Yeah mammola can be stunned, but not many (if at all) stunners are viable.

Very true. Thor and tenonoto should rise a bit as they can do decent against Mammolania especially if faster

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Here’s the latest version, counted today.