JWA - Tournament Feedback additional comments


Game has a new survey. It’s multi choice no additional comments. Maybe people disagreed with their given choices like I did.

I felt one question needed another option. And really wanted to answer something else. It was the up runs and down runs that ruined the tournament for me. The feeling I had a minor effect on if I won or lost. But I hope RND will get fixed balanced without being removed. Cheaters was also not an option.


I had one issue with the Tourney: That was the mismatch battles in the Tourney, especially in the first two weeks. I was in the 4100 range before and went down to 3100 in the first few days (after the 3500 reset). There were just too many higher-level players in that range that the game chose for battle opponents. It was not much fun facing some of those one-shot monsters.

This lead to higher level players who just wanted to battle for incubators, not in the Tourney, remaining in a lower trophy range. Or had given up on the Tourney and just battled, not caring to rise in Trophies. They slowly worked their way up but were still chosen for battle opponents for most of the tourney. It seems the system never worked itself out, to where we would battle similar level teams.

Now it has worked itself out, most players are about where they should be for their teams, at least the ones I battle in the 4000 trophy range.

I did not really care about the trophy reset, I only battle for incubators not position. One arena is the same as the next for me. But when I do battle it is always nice to have some even competition, where either of us could win… depending on who gets the RNG gods on their side.


One question that I wasn’t sure how to answer was about whether the game should be more focused on geo-location. What does that mean?


I personally don’t want to “win” every single battle. But being pitted against all unique teams when my only creatures above 21 are monomimus, Stegodeus, and a level 22 indorap with indorap being my only unique… Instant loss considering almost all those terms I faced were not only mainly unique but from level 24-28.

A cap on how much better of a team you can face would be nice. Only question is, how difficult would it make it for not only myself to find an opponent, but the way higher teams to find an opponent as well.

This could simply be due to a lack of constant competition and them not wanting us to have to wait 4-6 minutes per match to find an opponent.

At the beginning, it definitely could be implemented without long delays. Once separation happens, then it might be take a lot longer to actually find a suitable opponent.

I’m still a firm believer in the reset just being as such that you get reset back to the lower “500” spot from where you are at tournament start. Ie 6200 would reset to 6000 and 5979 would reset to 5500. That would at least solve the mass grouping at 3500 for the first week of the tournament.


Biggest challenge for me in this tournament is definitely about being put against players whose dinos are many levels higher than mine. I only battle for incubators so it adds to the frustration when I keep losing battle after battle. While I’ve trained myself to have the mindset that it’s just about getting free dna, it still ends up being a major time commitment when I’m on 20 rounds of losing streak :joy:

It would be helpful if there is an option to opt out of the tournaments. Perhaps making it separate from the normal battles would be helpful. A match-up base on dino levels would be great as well, but I would imagine that it would be harder to enforce.


Give us a concede button and I wouldn’t mind fighting lvl 30 unique filled teams!!!


Another option listed was tournaments where everyone’s dinosaurs were the same level (just like friends vs friends). I said yes but thinking about it if they did this, I’d like the game to pick four dinosaurs from your collection rather than your team.