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JWA Trading/Collectible Card Game :)

Ok. I didn’t find, so i guess there isn’t.

I’m planning to develop myself one here (trading/physical version). Many possibilities to be a great card game. I’m sketching something here already.

But my suggestion to Ludia/Unviversal is one of both versions: physical card game (trading cards) and electronic card game (collectible).

Would be NICE, and maybe with finally less random-oriented (way less).

I think it should be some link between JWA mobile game and the card version, like physical cards that unlock some mobile dinos/resources, or player data shared between both games (if electronic version), etc.

What you think?

My friendly advice would be to play Hearthstone instead. All creatures won’t be dinos, but there are at least a handful. Most importantly, it’s a great strategy game and Blizzard has proven it can update and add new content to keep the meta fresh, all without running the game straight into the ground 1 year in.


Gotts agree with this here… between hearthstone or mtg arena (if you have a pc)

The two biggest dogs of ccgs in the form of digital and paper… both have dinosaurs… heck dino beatdown was playable on ladder in mtg arena.

you mean there is deck expansion with dinosaurs for these games?
pure/common dinos?

i mean a different game, with different mechanics inspired in jwa game, having universal studios jw franchise dinos, plus official jwa hybrids, hehehe.

Would love to play this game too, given one major condition. It’s feels too awkward to say it on their forum but I bet you’ll be able to guess what it is :grimacing:

this card game could be a relief to the battle arena LOL

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at least a relief for rng. :heart_eyes:

i will be sketching some mechanics here next days. at first trying a version as close as possible to jwa mechanics, respecting limitations for a physical game.