Jwa trivia night!

I am holding a JWA trivia event on my Jurassicord server on Discord!

DM me (KillerT-77 #5813) on Discord if you are interested.
See y’all there.

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im interested but I cant seem to DM you
Can you DM me at epicdinosauria12 #2830

Same can you DM me at Irritating Guy#3682

I’ve tried your username and tag but it doesn’t work

It’s KillerT_77 #3260, I misspelled it the first time.

Okay thanks

Has it happened yet?

let me know on here when you send a friend request, that way i dont think its a random person. Its happening on saturday

I’ve already sent it

My username is Irritating Guy

ok i think i accidentally denied that one, send again

Okay thanks for letting me know

Wait it still says my request is pending

hm. cancel it and send a new one

My username is Irritating Guy

its not showing up on my screen.

cancel it and resend it


Ten char

I’ve sent it

my username is epicdinosauria12. i sent request

Can I add you too?