JWA Trivia!

How well do you know this game?

What creature has the lowest dmg?
Name all creatures with 10% crit. chance.
What dinosaur has Extended Critical strike?
How many creatures are cunning resilient?
What creature has 75% rend resistance?
In what release notes was Giraffatitan released?
Does Haast’s eagle Gen2 have a hybrid?
Name one dinosaur with Instant distraction.
Where did Sonorasaurus live? (Hint: Same as where I live)


dimorphadon has lowest damage,
i think pyroraptor, idk about the other
argentinosaurus has extended critical strike
monolometrason has 75% rend resist
no clue about giraffititatn,
haast g2 doesn’t have a hybrid
proceratomimus has instant distraction
idk where sonraorsaurus lives

OK, its in the name
Sonoran desert

the crit is spinocon, dilophoboa, and grylenken

oh, i thot pyro had it, mustve been taken away

I’m pretty sure there’s about 6 cunning resilient, it’s the class with the fewest dinosaurs

For the last one it’s Arizona correct?


Dimorphodon, 500 DMG
Three creatures, Gryenken, Spinoconstrictor, Dilophoboa
Only one, Argentinosaurus
Only 6, Eremoceros, Quetzorion, Smilonemys, Koolbourginia, Skollasaurus, Skonnasaurus
Sonoran Desert, Arizona

All correct!!!
Your prize :gift:…is an Invisible Haast’s Eagle Gen2 Toy!

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alright how about
Number of creatures that have gen2s
Update that Dracoceratops lost it’s swap-in defense shattering rampage(and what it was replaced with)
Amount of anniversaries that JWA had
Number of hybrids that’s name isn’t 2 parts of its parent’s names(ex. queztorion)
Number of creatures that lost their “and run move”
Number of creatures that can’t deal 1.5x damage
Creature with highest amount of epics(if it’s a tie say all of the creatures)