JWA UK recruiting

We are a UK based Alliance with a few openings that have come up today. We are a casual group, we generally reach 3/3 but want to do better. We are looking for active friendly players, willing to donate where they can, help complete the Alliance missions and chat on the Alliance message screen.

We don’t hold you to any Discord or anything like that. We just ask that you be active, chat so we know you are active, and help your fellow members.


Is this YOUR alliance?

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Hey im still trying to get the hang of this gaming world

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Yes, it is.


Welcome to the game @Queenbm.

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@Colin_Goodman :muscle:

Any spaces?

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Yes. We still have 5 slots

What rank alliance incubators do you usually get?

At the moment we are 3/3 but had some dead weight in inactive members. They have been culled which is why we are looking for new active players.

I wanna join!

Look us up and request. Still got some spaces.

JWA UK have a couple slots open at the moment. We are still a casual UK based Alliance. At present we are hitting 6/6 and 7/7.

  • No Discord required.In game chat works fine for us.

  • We just ask you play regularly, contribute to weekly missions, donate DNA if you can and help others as best you can.

  • No restrictions on asking for DNA - you can always ask and if someone has spare they’ll drop you it. We just ask the same in return.

:t_rex: :+1: