Jwa unexpectedly reseting

hello I was opening jwa game when the game asks for my login method (Facebook or guest) after choosing the login method and my progress was reset this bug has also happened to my brother when he was playing jw the game

This has happened to me, is your account signed in with facebook? If so, you might have accidentally clicked guest. If not, then idk.

no, I log in with guest

Oops! Contact Ludia soon, by helpshift and enter the support key

it accutualy happened a long time ago i unintalled the game insta

Say to ludia, by searching in google ludia helpshift, and click the first link and say your problem

also i found a fix

Was that a glitch?

i close the game and come back after some time and it will allow me to login normally

K, can u give me your profile?

kind of i geuss

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I want a friend

my in game name is 000

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Im lonely in raids😭

Show the screenshot of your profile

PM me about this

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Open jwa and click profile and take a screenshot of it