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Jwa version of shadowban?


i swear i cant find epics anymore. ive scanned the same L2 area and would always get either an ouran or pyro out of it and now for the last 5 days ive seen crap. i go out every day and evening and still nothing. Cant use an epic scent because i get crappy secodon. this is getting frustrating and feels like a slap in the face after so much that i have put into this game. please adjust this Ludia, this feels more like work now rather then fun.


There are days when I see Epics after Epics - once I find 8 Rexy in a day.
There are days when each and every Epic went AWOL…:pensive:


They dropped the local epic spawn rate at least to 1/3 of the original rate or something like that. Some Youtubers have also notice this drop too, as they walk everyday and documented their catch. Looks like they want to make a sale of the scent capsules or something. That’s the only logical guess so far. People are not gonna go out and stop playing if many days of sweating resulted in pointless catches.


its a huge backfire. and on top of that they reduced the rate in the epic scents aswell. it doesnt make sense. these prices are way to high to begin with. the incubators are not guarenteed dna.


i feel like their monetization people just don’t know what they are doing. sure they make money, but they keep falling further and further down the list of google play’s top grossing apps. most companies, would go “oh, probably because no one wants to buy the incubators because they are full of crap. maybe we should make them better and give people something for their money.” ludia sees that and says let’s make them worse to make people have to buy more and more to get stuff. which doesn’t work because they’re still crap. so then they lower epic spawn rates. which isn’t going to help either.


On most days, I feel like I’m epic-banned. :joy:


These topics don’t get old I guess :joy: asking if you have a shadowban is fishy, do you use something that is not allowed ?

At least 1/3? Why not 1/5 while we are at it? Too bad I don’t use these glorious day where I used to see 30 epics a day :roll_eyes: (spoiler alert : there was none of this glorious days)

I keep track of every epic catch and the only change I saw was just after beta they boosted epic spawn. Nothing has changed since, but sometimes you are just out of luck. Sometimes I walk 30min and don’t see an epic or even rare. Of course if you only hunt 30min and you see this you can think they nerf it hard. But there are also 30min where i see 4 nodo with 2-3 epics


We are talking about “local epics” not global ones like T-Rex.


I can find regularly epics even during my classes breaks from my classroom. I have a hora legalis after 8 pm so I am limited to my room in the evening but can dart epics at least one per hour directly from my room.


Darted a Rexy and a Monolopho today…:blush:


the rates have dropped and i actually could find 15 to 20 epics in a day before. do i want 15 to 20, not necessarily but when i visit for example an L2 zone, i would always find atleast one epic for that locale. nothing for the last 5 days and nights. theres only so much time that i can put into this game(a few hours a day) and its been a waste.


and no im not doing something fishy im just expressing the fact that im blind to epics if they are out there because im not seeing any.


Please enlighten me … what does L1…L4 zones mean? I am from Central Europe… what “L” zone is that?



Yes and? I talk about area spawns too…do you expect to see 5 monos a day ? Some days I see 3 but there are other epic like spino too making them harder to find

Still conspiracy theory again (to make you buy scents) :joy:

Ah and special tough for those who wants to go further : if they reduce spawns then everyone is affected. It would only slow the pace of the game. Is it really a big deal? Don’t think so.


I can see more with rares but a little with epics. They seem to come in waves. You can go several hours with just regular Joe spawns and then all of a sudden you get a wave of rares popping up all over. Epics are more rare than rares and those seem to come in waves, obviously less that rares. I also don’t see any specific time for waves of rares or epics. There isn’t any certain time they come.


it matters because the rich are rich up top and have the best dinos leveled up. they will get richer after the tourney ends. while i sit here going on a week hoping for one ouran to appear so that i can take my 10 fuse for dilocherious. i hunt before work, during ( i travel alot) and after. so yes 15 minimum wasnt hard to get. i would see kentro, pyro, ourans, hybrids and always trex. now trex is still here maybe 4 a day but i rarely ever see anything else now and if i do its usually a hybrid.


oh… that’s it…tx


Who care? You will never be number one but you can still place in top 50. Is it bad? I don’t think so.

I don’t know how much you hunt but I can tell you I get sufficient epic to keep going. Of course it involves to hunt more than 4 hours a day. But per week I average with about 40 “local” spawns. I switch areas according to my needs as I know my city very well it’s not that difficult. You just have to be patient and get a bit of luck too :slightly_smiling_face:


you dont get it man. you can settle with mediocrity thats fine. i have no issue with that.