JWA will no load with iOS 13 beta

Has anyone gotten this to work yet? I have been running the iOS 13 beta for 3 days now, all apps seem to work except for JWA.

Version 1.8.29

It just gets stuck on the 1/24 loading screen. I have contacted support and they gave me the normal, remove and reinstall which did not work.

Hey phansson, as iOS 13 is still in beta, there could be some issues playing the game if you had updated your device. If possible, try reverting back to the previous iOS and see if that works.

While I agree that reverting back to iOS12 would probably fix the issue, I would assume at some point that Ludia would want their game to work with the newest Apple operating system and decide to be proactive and fix the issue on their end…ALL of my other apps have been updated to work

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Here is a simple logical explanation on what your trouble is … And a practical fix for it.


But I’m me and demand it be done my way because I’m important.

Yup sums up the player base

I was just under the impression that maybe at some point Ludia would like JWA to work with iOS 13. I guess I could be wrong. I am not any more important than any other player, but eventually (like 2-4 months) 70% of the iPhone base will be using iOS 13, so I guess it might be a priority then…

I installed the beta last night and had the same issue. It was easy to resolve though, the beta turned off Game Center in iOS which JWA needs to load. Turned that back on in settings and it loads fine.