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Jwa would you rather

Would you rather

  • Catch every common you see
  • Not catch every epic you see

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You also need to send off a 20 minute scent and do the would you rather.
And yes before you say " That’s called playing truth or dare" there are people who actually do this. Within 24 hours you do the consiquence.
Tie = no consiquence

Polls are a pain in the but

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I also sometimes not catch every epic like Dakoraptor, Megisto dino, Concavenator etc

Also @Reptillian-General welcome to the forums

How am I not surprised from this.
Also the would you rathers won’t waste your coin and bucks

Edit: Oh what nevermind

We are at a tie. Who’s gonna break it

Close battle

Ok time is up and now send off a 20 minute scent and catch every common.
Next would you rather

  • Do a friendly battle and purposely lose
  • Only go for strike on a strike event

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