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Post here your weird, strange and bizarre bugs, glitches and other situations from the game that actually made you laugh.

Look at the amount of darts :rofl:
The game just froze and crashed at this point…


Umm you get more darts if you have full darts then open incubators…


Eee, that’s never happened to me. Or do you mean incubators you’ve paid for?


Is it?? Never happened to me though, 140 was always max.
I would imagine that if you buy more than 140 darts then that’s how they show but I didn’t buy any darts or incubators :joy:


Impressive!? :rofl::see_no_evil:


See :slight_smile:️



I’ve never had an incubator add to my already full dart count. In the very beginning of the game when I bought darts (gasp) was the only time I had more than 140.


Well if I spin a supply drop it doesn’t increase but if I open an incubator at full capacity it increases above 140


How’s that? :joy:


i think the rules are different based on where you live. USA used to get over 140 during the soft launch. that changed with the actual release to where you can only get over 140 if you buy them from the store. the world cheats us again :sob:

i’ve literally never run out of darts, especially after the new update, so i never worry about it. if you have, you are doing something wrong.


Never happening to me as well :sob: so I need to plan to open the incub after darting every dino I see when I am not moving from my house for a while, so that I don’t miss any dna.


I went through a spell (pre 1.3 update) where my dart total just kept increasing as I opened each battle incubator ended up at about 1200/140 at one point :rofl:

Knew I had a screen grab somewhere …


Find this one one my phone - not sure what I was trying to do at the time :slight_smile: