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Seemingly, it may be time to rename the game from JWA to JWE for evasion. Most, not all, but most of the battles I am playing are decided by the worst thing possible, RNG of evasion. I think this is bad. Matches should be determined mainly by player choices with RNG elements thrown in, not mainly RNG with player choice elements thrown in.

There is no battle being had here…it is pure and simple coin tosses to see whose evasion would hold and then that person wins. This is not fun. I can draw some dinos on some paper and flip a coin and say one is the winner…that may be more fun than going through loading screens waiting for a battle only to find an outcome based on the RNG of evasion.

If you are removing definite rampages from the dinos being used to counter evasion, then its time to rework evasion again even though you just changed it. Imagine going up against a team of all evasion dinos…I would have to call Samsung to see about replacing the phone I just threw into the wall.

Having said that, evasion is not unbeatable. But, beating it boils down to having enough positive effect removal dinos or hoping and praying the RNG goes in your favor. Many of the effect removal dinos are not good enough in other situations to merit having on your team. This evasion move is defining meta based on RNG…that is not the right direction to take this game. Meta should be defined by the dino kits and how they are used, not the RNG of them working or not.

I voted for the change of evasion to be better, but that was prior to having more dinos using it like Indo G2 and Indom 2, and less dinos that could beat it.

There is a big difference in the unpredictable surprise of the old draco (surprise was up to the player when to use it, a player’s decision) vs the surprise of if a move I play or the op plays is even going to work (the surprise is based on RNG). This is the wrong type of unpredictable. The problem with the old draco was being able to leave regen cleanse and leave…its unpredictability was exciting…its not exciting rolling a dice to see if I win or not.

So I am trying an “evasive” team:

Indo G2
Smiloceph (10 points away from Erlo, I would use Erlo here instead)

This is stupid. I won 8 straight, many against higher leveled dinos. I don’t usually use mono, smilo, or indom so they are all lv 20 with no boosts and beating lv 24 uniques.

A few were close though if the timing was off and they bring out like a Indo and I do not have mono or procera out. Still won though.

Evasion is broken. Evasion is not exciting or fun. Apparently using mainly evasion dinos makes you semi-untouchable.

I did find that swapping to mono then to monstego or draco is pretty useful in many situations to thwart a big attack…like I said I never use mono.

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I think the dodge mechanics are better the way they are now. The first nerf made them close to useless, and the original allowed for a very low hp dino to keep surviving over and over If RNGesus was on it’s favor. The current evasion mechanic does not allow that to happen but make dodging viable again. Using null, precise and definite is more necessary since it’s 75%. I don’t agree with the loss of definite rampage on indo gen2 and mainly Maxima, but there’s gonna be a poll about those changes so you could vote about this there. But regarding the evasion mechanics, i don’t think It should change again. There are now many moves to counter It, so we should be using them for that. I really hope Maxima gets it’s definite rampage back too.


Its either precise to punch through it or definite/remove positive to remove it. I do not know of more of any of those added to offset the rise in evasion use. I know of less dinos with those moves after ig2 and max got the shaft on those. And, it cannot be just any ol’ dino you know…saying that some common can be used here does not consider that common would out classed in all other situations and may, even removing the evasion, still be outclassed. We should not have to resort to lesser dinos. It seems right now its either join the RNG evasion frenzy or get left behind.

Also, I cannot stress it enough, this system of evasion is literally turning our battles into coin flips. The more evasive dinos used, the more you deter your op’s attacks. Like in my example, that team is primarily evasive dinos and its seemingly very hard for anyone to beat. I would rather evasive be a hope than a unknown chance that leans towards working. What I mean there is I would rather use it being something I hoped worked but typically does not as a last resort rather than it be something you simply have no idea if its going to work or not but usually does.

Consider we both bring out indo, we both go into evasive and we had the same level. Who wins? The deciding factor is not who goes first but rather who gets the better coin flip and their evasion holds while the op’s does not.

I did not like the old system though either…I never used evasion because it was so prone to not working. Now, its more prone to work but because of that, everyone is using it and the game is starting to center around it. Meta is always meta and there will always be things the game centers around, my complaint is that with this evasion, it is centering around RNG rather than strategy or team building.

To me, that is the wrong choice. That is not a better system. I think in keeping the current system, we should be getting more ways to counter evasion, not less. If we are to lose viable ways of dealing with the evasion, then evasion should be lessened.

I’m aware that there aren’t that many dinos that could counter evasion, but we do have some good options in the end game, like Qtzorion, Magna, Gemini, Nemys, Maxima If It ends up getting definite back(it’s likely since many people complained), Spyx, Yoshi, Carnotarkus… In the end it’s not a bad amount, I would say we got plenty. It’s good you made an experiment, but people don’t usually run a team full of counters for dodge, it’s usually 2 or 3 dinos max. I run 2 on mine. So of course If you use a full team of dodgers and the opponent doesn’t draw a counter you will most likely win. Also, in most cases, people run 2 dodgers on their team. With the exception of indo gen2 that is still unbalanced, all the other dodgers have counters. So, even If the mechanic itself is very good, we have to look at the combination of stats, abilities and moves of a dino to determine If it’s op or not. If a dino is so good and the evasion makes It broken, then the dino needs a rework to allow for some counters. The mechanic itself doesn’t need to be changed anymore imo.