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JWSynergy recruiting 10/10 weekly T8+ tourney 3+ lvl 20 sancs

JWSynergy is looking for a few players to fill in our ranks that are active, able to follow rules, friendly and polite. We used discord to talk regularly and post all updates on. We’re looking for players with at least 4K trophy count. We raid regularly and always help each other to achieve apex completion if you have a viable Dino. We require at minimum 10 takedowns done within 36 hours of tourney start and be polite to everyone as we have players of all ages. Feel free to DM me on discord Zyneidas 8665 or message here.

We are 10/10 alliance with 3+ level 20 sanctuaries. Top 100 finisher in Alliance Championship rewards and always get a T8 for 4 week tournaments and T9 for 5 week tournaments. We’re looking for players with 4k or higher trophies to help boost us up closer or into the T9 range on 4 week tournaments.

Only rules are everyone is required to do a minimum of their 10 takedowns each tournament but encourage to do more if possible and NEVER place in the sanctuaries.
Discord is required and needed to join in and organize raids. We have lots of great players willing to help with building your team and run through raids for at least the DNA minimum.

If interested in joining, leave a comment or shoot me a DM with a screenshot of your team and recent tournament scores.

Hey, I’m 5050 and while I don’t do PVP besides reset, I’m very active in tournaments and raids, I’m 780 min per tournament and usually get 850+ on skilled, still have a spot open? Your Discord handle is not working for me