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I’m writing JWTG articles every week which hopefully will be posted every Friday or so. Its originally meant for my server but I thought why not share them with the community :grin:

This one should be out hoprfully 8 or 9pm today.


Some Strange Moves In the Swamp: First Apex to come to Jurassic World: The Game

What’s in the swamp again ?

Hello fellow dino trainers ! Its TroodonStygySmilodon here ! In this special first article of JWTG, we’re gonna talk about the new boss coming to JWTG: Imperatosuchus 53 !!! We will also be taking a look at the past March Madnesses and what the hybrid tournament might bring ? :thinking:

March sure has been one interesting month. We’ve got the first ever tournament for Arctodus, which hasn’t a tournament since its buff in 2019 to tournament status. We’ve also got a new amphibian that came in the past weekend, Bageherpeton ( Bagel for short ). However this week might be one of the most interesting weeks yet !

First, the tournament creature ,which many recognized at first glance: has been officially revealed to be Edaphosaurus, a practical reskin of Alive. Its stats are also really tanky, with +4069 health and +482 on the offensive, weaker than Seco in attack but making up for it with really strong health. However it does have a really neat look at max,with the colours having a perfect blend, making it nearly look like a chameleon. As a not too big hitter on tanks I’ll most likely pass this one, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Another creature that was teased was a strange crocodile, in which many have suspected but it turns out to be true, the Imperatosuchus 53. This croc from Alive has come venom rolling in as a boss into the Main Street Arena. Most of us have yet to face it, so we wonder how this boss will look like in the arena. This fishy boss will surely be an interesting one to face, but there is a question: will playable bosses be able to fight it ? This feature was introduced with Ouroborus 66 but taken down as it contributed too much to the goal. It remains to be seen whether they will introduce it. The reward for this boss if the goal is completed is an exclusive Imperatosuchus 53 statue ! A word of advice: Get your pterosaurs, you’ll need them :wink:

We’ve had bear, we’ve had therizinosaurid, we’ve had Bagels, and now Chameleon. Now, the last week of March Madness is a hybrid tournament. We’ve had them up for voting: Dilophoboa, Chromaspinus, and Metriaphodon. This is an interesting one for many reasons: the winner could vary. Chromaspinus or Metriaphodon are the most likely winners, with Chroma due to carnivore bias and Metriaph due to it being the most valued tournament pterosaur in the game. Dilophoboa is not likely, but it is the most expensive out of the three. All in all, what did you vote for and why ?

With the article coming to a close, I would like to say that I am interested in what this weekend and the next week will bring. It sure has been quite an interesting month: we’ve had a return and two new creatures. Now, we are having Imperatosuchus as a boss and the Edaphosaurus tournament. I personally myself am excited for the boss and the hybrid tournament winner. Hope its the frilled snake :snake:
Thank you so much for reading this article ! If you enjoyed it, do tell us what you would like to see in future articles and it will be considered. I hope to see y’all in the next one. Dinotastic day to y’all !


I like it. It’s cool!


Thank you !

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For the next article, I’m planning on featuring an amphibian breakdown. Please do vote:

What’s the best tournament amphibian in the game ? ( excluding Gorgosuchus )

  • Bageherpetodon
  • Kaprosuchus Gen 2
  • Eryops
  • Acanthostega
  • Deinosuchus
  • Proterogyrinus
  • Gryposuchus

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Thanks for voting !!!

Hmm all are garbage so I pick all of them.

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Ahhhhhh I also conducted this vote on my server and Deinosuchus won hands down.

I think Kapro, Deino amd Bagels need a tiebreaker :slightly_smiling_face:

Tiebreaker time, the server voted Deinosuchus:

  • Kaprosuchus Gen 2
  • Deinosuchus

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Poll closes this Thursday, 11pm UTC + 8

The official winner of the poll is Deinosuchus !!!

JWTG Article #2

Hello fellow dino trainers !

In a poll conducted, I wanted to find out what was the best tournament amphibian ( non hybrid ) among the Discord + forum community.

And the winner goes to Bageherpetodon ( Bagels ! )

In this week, we’ll be doing a complete breakdown on this newly released freshly baked bread !

Stats Breakdown
:heavy_plus_sign: Health Power: 2825
:grey_exclamation: Attack: 883
:t_rex: Ferocity: 5652

Class: Amphibian :droplet:
Rarity: Tournament :coin:
Part of Park: Jurassic, Paddock

Creature Facts
Evo 1: Found in the Rio de Rasto formation, the Bageherpetodon got its name from the nearby city of Bage.
Evo 2: The Bageherpetodon is an extinct genus of large, long snouted temnospondyls known as archaegosaurid.
Evo 3: Like other archaegosaurids, the Bageherpetodon is a fully aquatic animal.
Evo 4: Bageherpetodon orginated in the Permian geological period of Rio Grande de Sul, Brazil.

Bageherpetodon is a balanced creature with powerful HP and reasonable attack. It is the 7th newest tournament creature to be released, with it already having a hybrid, Bagehesaurus. This creature is actually pretty decent and as this class is hard to come by, I’ll definitely take it any time anywhere, with it now having a glass cannon amphibian hybrid. (sort of )

As JWTG has no meta any creature can be useful no matter how long they’ve been in the game. Bageherpetodon fits well in tournaments with a recommended Main - Main fodder strategy, although a fodder - main - fodder works well up in Low- Mid Predator.

It has had 3 tournaments, the first on the week of 18th of March 2022 - 21st of March 2022, an unlock, then another two tournaments with special formats, on the 27th of June 2022 - 28th June 2022 which was a Common - ONLY format, the other on the 29th of June - 30th of June which was a Super Rare - ONLY Format. Both those tournaments were not unlocks.

I would say Bagel’s a decent amphibian, strong stats and a decent hybrid. Get your hands on it when its available ! :bagel: :bread: :yum:

This came out abt 2 months late. Sorry for the delay :sweat_smile: