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JWTG Artwork!

Hi guys, i’d Like to make a artwork for Jurassic World the Game, i didn’t know what else to post show i’d Show the artwork for now.:slightly_smiling_face:

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All of these are my future hybrids

I wasn’t sure but i’d like to make it!


Hey File_Laline, thank you for sharing your drawings with us, they look amazing! :star_struck: So colourful.

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@ned I’d like to make a hybrid.

Hey Zilla134, please feel free to share your artwork with us as well. :smiley:

If you sign your work and use the #JWGAMEFANART it may even be selected to be shared by Jurassic world accounts



I want my name

Prestosuchus and troodon

Wow nice! Can you do Ripper?

I can’t do that



Did you like my sketches ? I posted them a few days ago . Should I put more colour to them in order to impress you and make you take into account my ideas ?

Hey kingCRAGGERcroc, I had just seen them, and they look great! I would be happy to share your idea with our team. :slight_smile: If you do decide to add some colour to your sketches, please do not hesitate to share them with us as well!.


**uh not sure **