JWTG: Community Event: Coins | 03/17/2022

Congrats early risers, thanks to all your hard work the goal was reached in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

For those who missed out, fret not the team is looking into adding a second community event with a much loftier goal for players to reach over the weekend.


Oh come on I was away :confused:

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Was it two hours @Keith or was it 1 hour and 30 minutes. Asking as I thought the game was not going to do daylight saving which would put the game cutover an hour later (relatively). Which would put event/daily cutover time at 6 am my time instead of the previous 5 am. Just asking so I know as the hot times seem to be acting how I would expect with starting and ending an hour later than they used to since the game did not get adjusted for daylight saving.

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The event started when the new daily events came, not when the change of daily missions came one hour earlier… so it must have been less than 2 hours, since it’s 2 hours since the daily events started right now.

technically, 1 hour and 30 minutes is less than 2 hours and a half. I am still getting used to events starting at 9am ET instead of always 8 am ET


A new one already added

Funny … NOT!


10 Times the Former Goal. So maybe done in 20h. Let`s do ist fast, so they can add a third Challenge :grinning:

I happened to log in during the very short window for the first event, and hatch some random decoration that I got in a pack, so I qualified for the first reward. But weirdly, although the 1st pack was supposed to be the Sequencing pack, when I got to the pack while claiming the rewards I received the Double the Dinos pack from the second event

Was this meant to happen, @Keith ?
I’m not complaining as I was very lucky to get the event’s DB, but it was a surprise.

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I didn’t get the Double The Dinosaurs pack at all…

When that event finished today I got the DNA but no pack, only this

There was no active button to collect anything on that screen.

Check your news feed

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Thank you, yes I saw the thread after writing that and found the pack

Screenshot_20220318-204129_Jurassic World