JWTG Concept 1: Majungasaurus And Nundasuchus Gen 2

These 2 Are Fan Favorites From Jurassic world alive. The images are right here.

On Concept #2 There Will be A hybrid from Jurassic world alive.
Credits go to Tyrannosaurus90s.


I also made this concept on my thread

Majundasuchus? The add some titanoboa S-DNA :no_mouth:

And then Troodon M-Dna (If mega-hybrids existed)

I am afraid that’s not how it works.

What do you mean?

Well you see super hybrids do not follow the same pattern as in Jurassic world alive. For example, I will use the Majundasuchus as a demonstration. Majundasuchus is a carnivore that fuses with Titanoboa DNA to make majundaboa.
Majundaboa would be a cavern creature due to it’s snaky relative. Jurassic world alive is full of crazy creatures. Jurassic world the game on the other hand, has the super hybrid be the same class as it’s hybrid. Let’s say for an example, tropeogopterus, it’s a pterosaur hybrid. If it were to get it’s super hybrid, kinda like the pelecacthylus and the Tapejalocephalus, it would be a pterosaur.

No it wouldn’t. In Jurassic world alive majundaboa has the same carnivore rig as majundasuchus and majungasaurus. It wouldn’t be a cavern. It would be a carnivore

Oh okay! I didn’t know that!

Majundaboa is a snake