JWTG Dino selfies

Here you can post pictures of your dinos, maybe doing a selfie etc… inspired by @Jurassic_Fury’s thread: Indoraptor's New Year Picture Session!

Tylosaurus: yay, I won! Thank you master for using me after such a long time:

Mosasurus: what you looking at? Imma bout to kill you, so say your final words.

Amphycyon: ooh, camera. Umm quick smile… now, Give me it back! Come back here! I’m not finished with you!


Arg! Get away from me!

Is that blood? I is swear I is not do that :crazy_face:

Hey, you… you is want to go out tonight
I think i is not going to make it. Tell my dad I is do him good


Labrynthosaurus:Nobody… messes… with…me!

Colybrynchus: I’m not small… or fat, I just eat too much and don’t eat enough greens!

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No, this can’t be. Goodbye

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