JWTG hybrid

Hi! I would like to create my own hybrid on this, so lets start. They Hybrid will be Erlikisaurus (i cant spell for the love of dear god) and spinosaurs. In terms of design, i think it will be a spinosaur with some feathers and long claws, as well as a little beak at the top of its snout. You guys can choose stats, make arts, add colors, make a super hybrid and even more, ill be interested in every comment :blush:

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both already have hybrids

So what?
That doesn’t stop from having fun

Here you go. I hope you like it!

Evo 1: Similar to indominus rex ultimaspinos was made to be bigger than its ingredients.
Evo 2: Adult ultimaspinos can be up to 20 meters long and can weighs 15 tons. Which makes it the biggest theropod dinosaur ever!
Evo 3: Despite being so big most of its diet consists of fish and leaves.
Evo 4: When hunting fish ultimaspinos uses its massive claws like spear impaling prey.


I love this, thank you!

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Looks awesome!

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