JWTG hybrids: Lord Glytrhonax

Directly from JWTG, here is Glytronax:
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What do you think it?


i think that this is actually might happen

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needs 40% armor
doedicurus has 50%
so glyth needs 40%

  1. The hybrid use Glyptodon, no Doedicurus.

  2. Glypto have 40% armor.

  3. Is a rare hybrid.

so glyth gets 40% armor from glytodon

Should we rename it into Lythrocurus(Gore tail) or something? Or Doedilyth :rofl:? It’s doesn’t have any Glyptodon in it :slightly_smiling_face::sweat_smile:

Ask it Ludia, they’ve created Glytrhonax

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