JWTG hybrids

Erliphosaurus and Erliphosaurus gen 2

Gen 1 Erlikosaurus lvl 15 + Dilophosaurus lvl 15

HP: 3500
DMG: 1350
SPD: 126
Armor: 0%
Crit: 5%

Speed Up Strike
Distracting Impact
Null Rampage
Impact and Run

Immune to slow

Gen 2 Erliko gen 2 lvl 10 + Dilo gen 2 lvl 10

HP: 3100
DMG: 1500
spd: 125
Armor: 0%
Crit: 5%

Null Impact
Debilitating Distraction

Immune to Distractions


After i can do another survey on thes dinos

Erlikospyx: finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

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Segosuchus: one shots it

Erlidom and Dilorach: hey welcome to the club

Spxs: well that was less epic than I expected

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Gama meanwhile just sits in the corner just trying not to get killed

Segnosuchu is here. The game in alive#2: Segnosuchus+segnosurus


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Yudon!!! ( And yes, I also want Yutyrannus and Troodon) :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Imagine how OP Ankylodocus would be even as a legendary lol.

I want Yudon personally

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I thought Spinotahraptor is supposed to be ‘Spinoraptor’ since they both have the same components??


Carnoraptor carnoraptor all I want is carnoraptor nothing else


We should add a skele dino kinda like this

(I used pic for a lil meme)

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And maby this guy could be a legendary
And can have many other hybrids like carno something what ever the name will be

I assume that over time we’ll get everything that JWtG has, hybrids and prehistoric creatures both. :crossed_fingers:

Carnoraptor is here. The game in Alive#3: Carnoraptor

Carnoraptor! That and Monostegotops are my fab hybrids of all time

@KingInfernal9 I have an idea, could you do tapejalosaurus?

Because it looks like you

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