JWTG hybrids

I assume that over time we’ll get everything that JWtG has, hybrids and prehistoric creatures both. :crossed_fingers:

Carnoraptor is here. The game in Alive#3: Carnoraptor

Carnoraptor! That and Monostegotops are my fab hybrids of all time

@KingInfernal9 I have an idea, could you do tapejalosaurus?

Because it looks like you

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So many dinosaurs yet to be transferred. That game has over 300 dinosaurs. I’m in the process of copying the pictures of every dinosaur yet to be added to JWA in our discord. I guess I want some aquatics to come.

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I’m still holding my flippers crossed that the year of sea monsters followed the year of cenozoics.

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For JWTG, it went dinosaurs, Aquatics, Cenozoic

Hopefully JWA will be dinosaurs, Cenozoic, Aquatic

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before we dive into the hybrid I want to adress that this was the idea of jason6920 and not mine!!

This is a fearsome creature build for kill! :no_mouth:

Rarity: Unique
Animation: Boas
Food: Dinosaurs, fish and when possible… HUMANS!!!

Titanoboa G2 LVL 20 (200 DNA)
Erlikogamma LVL 20 (100 DNA)

HP: 3890
Atk: 1100
Spd: 121
Armor: 0%
Crit: 20%

Move set:
Cautious strike (without cleanse :wink:)
Precise Rampage
Debilitating Distraction
Impact and Run

On escape Dust Cloud
Immune to Swap Prevention

Notes: It was less harder to create then I expected.