JWTG Ideas: Grallator and Yinlong

Rarity: Rare
Class: Carnivore
10- Health: 950 Attack: 965
20- Health: 1234 Attack: 1235
30- Health: 1786 Attack: 1807
40- Health: 2357 Attack: 2399

Yinlong (A creature that @MrGiga allowed me to make)
Rarity: Tournament
Class: Herbivore
10- Health: 7467 Attack: 7463
20- Health: 7946 Attack: 7943
30- Health: 8248 Attack: 8245
40- Health: 8459 Attack: 8457
@Blacksaber you can Level 20 and 30 forms for both Grallator and Yinlong

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There will be a Grallator Gen 2, Gen 3, and maybe even Gen 4 to represent some of the species in that genus

8000+ Attack and Health? That is WAY too much. Not even Indoraptor has such stats.


Indoraptor Gen 2: I’m I a joke to you

Again, very nice drawings but I don’t think they’ll be Gen 4 or even 3 of any dinosaur. I think that just too many. I mean the maps are already getting full.
Now having a Gen 2 is a possibility.

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Nope. Not needed.

indo gen 2 doesn’t even have those stats either

Also the stats for grallator are too op for a rare.


Grallator isn’t a dinosaur tho

it’s an ichnogenus

Yeah but we don’t need a gen 2, 3 and 4

We might need a Gen 2.

There are two reasons why:

  1. Get two different hybrid from it if thery’re good hybrids.
  2. Get two of the same hybrid if it’s popular and strong.

Grallator doesn’t exist,it’s an Icnofossil aka a footprint,and based on said footprints it would look more like a Dilophosaurus instead of a Coelophysis