JWTG Ideas: Spike

Before you start saying that I can’t do it but the Land Before Time is gonna 35 next year so maybe a LBT themed tournament and the first one will be called An Army of Spiketails and you can get the Spike pack afterword.
10- Health:1250 Attack: 1260
20- Health: 1378 Attack: 1388
30- Health: 1643 Attack 1653
40- Health: 1897 Attack: 1907
He is character like Bumpy and will have a Green cloud surrounding him just like Bumpy in her level 40. He can mix with Aphetoceras to make Aphetostegus


Spike sounds like it would be a great addition!

I don’t think spike would fit because he’s not from the Jurassic franchise, and spike is 2d animated so it would be hard to even make a model


Sorry, am I wrong or is the attack greater than health? :upside_down_face:

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Anyways, these is a dinosaur game, not Pokemon, not Godzilla, and most importantly not robotic. Again DINOSAUR! But this isn’t say they can’t add LBT dinosaurs but the odds are slim.

Yeah ik it’ll very slim and improbable

I agree with you.

Why does many users in this forum make weird suggestions like here are some:

Mecha Dinosaurs
Android Robot
Rotting Tree Grubbird
Future Shark

Pls don’t add these as these are not even Prehistoric Stuff and pls make a rule not to make a suggestion about not Prehistoric Stuff.

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Other people might think it’s a good idea. It’s their choice, but I agree in the repeat of theme.

Another thing is while you’re complaining about this, you also spam tons of threads that could easily fit in things like good news thread, off topic thread, or trade harbor travesty. No offense, and I don’t mean to make you feel bad or anything, but just saying that you also make tons of threads about something that could be posted elsewhere or something unnecessary.